The Five Fashion-Forward Crystals You Need to Have Right Now

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Like juicing and sound baths, crystals have gone from hippies-only to high fashion—and one Los Angeles couple is helping officially take them there.

Last month, Remington Guest and Heather Haber launched Advisory Board Crystals, a brand that curates gems into seasonal collections based on astrology and numerology, among other things. The pair, who met in an Uber Pool (I mean!) and discovered that they both did time at LA fashion brand Band of Outsiders, are aiming to elevate crystals for a cool urban crowd—and not a moment too soon, it seems.

Remington Guest and Heather Haber

“You’d be surprised at how many people freak out when they hear what we’re doing,” says Guest, who took Haber to buy lepidolite—a calming stone—on their first date. (Both of them have been obsessed with crystals since they were kids). “Even Adele blamed one of her [bad] performances on not having her crystals on her. People really believe in them, which is exciting.”

Even so, crystal shopping has never really gotten an image makeover to match its newly hip status—if you still picture a ponytailed, Patchouli-scented dude wearing tie-dye when you think of a crystal shop, you’re not alone. But Guest and Haber are hoping to change that, treating Advisory Board like a fashion brand.

Advisory Board Crystals_Crystal_Pack

For one thing, it’s exclusive—each seasonal collection comes in an ultra-limited edition of 100, while the pair is eventually hoping to create capsule collections with luxury concept shops like Colette in Paris and Dover Street Market in London, Tokyo, and NYC (they’ve already designed a rose quartz-inspired t-shirt for streetwear shop Union in Los Angeles). The brand is also highly tapped into pop culture, with an artsy Instagram feed and a mood board and playlist on its password-protected website.

And then there’s the way the five crystals in the spring collection ($42) were chosen—they were inspired by the work of fashion’s favorite astrologist, Susan Miller. “We take all of these factors—the moon phases, astrology, numerology—and build the pack based on what the general public might need right now,” says Guest. (Aesthetics also play a role—the crystals have to look good together, obviously.) “This season’s collection is called ‘What Took You So Long?’. There’s a lot of retrograde in 2016, so this pack can help you get through the tough times, like maybe that ‘what took you so long’ moment for the promotion you wanted.”

So what stones do the Advisory Board Crystals pair think everyone needs to own right now? Keep reading to learn about the five crystals in their inaugural collection and how they relate to the stars—and you. (If you believe in that kind of thing.)

1. Moonstone

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"Advisory Board Crystals' inaugural collection, 'What Took You So Long?' is inspired by the romance of divine timing," say the pair. "Waiting for that perfect person, job, or moment; this is what encapsulates the feeling of now." They claim that moonstone aids in bringing forth new beginnings and enhancing your intuition—kind of like turning on your phone's ringer so you hear more clearly when opportunity calls.

2. Labradorite

Labradorite"Labradorite is the 'Stone of Magic,'" say Guest and Haber. "It's all about coincidence control." (You know when someone pops into your head, and a few hours later you see them at the coffee shop? Apparently, that's the kind of thing Labradorite is linked to.) And if you're into astrology, take note: "There are also two full moons in Sagittarius this year—May 21 and June 20—which doubly increase this momentum."

3. Pyrite

Pyrite"With Mars in Scorpio through September 17, there is an element of lust in the air," says the duo. "Pyrite promotes the health, vitality and physicality of a relationship, bringing the energy needed to keep the lust electric." We'd say that's a potential benefit worth the (minor) investment—and, if nothing else, this sparkly stone will look good on your bedside table.

4. Rose quartz

Rose Quartz"To round out the 'lust in the air' aspect, rose quartz, a talisman of relationships, is very effective at attracting new love, romance, and intimacy," say Guest and Haber, who note that Jupiter (the planet associated with luck) moves into Libra (the sign linked with partnership) on September 9.  Whether or not you believe that to be true, rose quartz was named Pantone's color of the year for 2016—so at the very least, carrying this one around will keep you on trend.

5. Chrysocolla

"With Jupiter in Virgo until September 9, a healthier work life balance is key," say the founders. "Chrysocolla can be a huge help here—it has the ability to aid anxiety and stress and bring a soothing and calming energy." If you'd like to put this stunner of a stone to the test, you could always try meditating on it at work—here's how to put the brakes on your stress response in just five minutes.

The stones retail from $4-$1,750, visit and enter the password IWASLOOKINGFORYOU. Or, for a free, personalized crystal advisory, call 323-488-3440.

Would you like some crystal-infused water with that? Or perhaps to learn your spirit animal?

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