How To Create an Intention-Based Yoga Practice for an Emotional Release

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Sometimes, it can be difficult to let things go, which can present its fair share of challenges. You might miss a new career or romantic opportunity, for example, when stuck in rumination about the one you just lost. On the latest episode of Good MovesBK Yoga Club co-founder Paris Alexandra, is here to help with this. She opens her 24-minute affirmation-based yoga flow with a meditation designed to help you let go and open up so that *all the things* can come your way.

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  • Paris Alexandra, wellness artist, yoga and creative mindfulness facilitator

She begins the practice by encouraging you to grab some paper (loose or in a journal/notebook) and a writing utensil. "We're gonna take a few moments to write anything that you're letting go of—maybe something that's not serving you in this moment, or generally," she says. Then, she prompts you to take a look at what you've written, inhale and exhale to let it out, and set that piece of paper to the side.

Next, she wants you to take a few moments to write down what you're inviting into your life. "If that is compassion, if that is self-care, love, joy...whatever it is, it can be in the form of a list or a reflection," she says.

Finally, as she leads into the yoga flow she's designed to help with this release (and catch!), she invites you to stay connected to what you want to create. "As you're inviting in your intention, I encourage you to send some of that energy to your heart space, just imagining your heart expanding, becoming open and available," she says.

That sounds lovely, doesn't it? Now imagine in it all in Alexandra's soothing voice, and press play to experience that—and a juicy, affirmation-based yoga flow—firsthand.

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