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Clear Out Your Closet for 5 of the Best-Reviewed Black Leggings on Amazon—All Under $20

Kells McPhillips

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At this point, a pair of ink-black leggings is about as essential to a workout warrior’s wardrobe as breathable underwear and compression socks. And in addition to that fitness function, keep in mind that we’re amid the golden age of athleisure, which has sanctioned us all to live our best comfy lives 24/7 (including at work!)—not just when we’re attempting ultra-bendy yoga poses. However, some splurge-worthy pairs can set you back $200 or more, and others still will rack up a bill as high as a month’s worth of groceries. No matter how versatile and integral to our everyday wardrobe the “soft pants” are, that price tag could make anyone cringe.

Thankfully, Amazon is saving the day yet again by coming in hot with options to address your leggings needs on the cheap. The site has an under-the-radar page of “4 stars & up” black leggings you can “add to cart” for $20 or less. That’s cheaper than the cost of weekend brunch, one jar of probiotic-packed yogurt, or—you know—the average boutique fitness class.

Get back to the basics with these 5 pairs of leggings that (you already know) will go with anything. 

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