5 Affordable Sex Toys Under $40 That Should Satisfy Your Needs During Isolation

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Right now safe sex is taking on a new meaning in the age of COVID-19, and affordable sex toys are in sky high demand. Like, with human touch being out of the question right now, seeking your pleasure has become an exclusively hands-on venture for many singles. If you're on your third week of quarantine and your eighth month of no sex (ahem, wouldn't know anything about that), you've probably already completely desensitized yourself with your vibrator, but maybe kind of sorta killed it. This is the long haul. That can't happen in week yet.

Luckily there are endless options when it comes to finding your buzzy quarantine buddy. But dude, we know these are horrifying economic times, and you can't spend a fortune on the luxe stuff. Why set the limit at $40? Well, because we wanted to allow for vibrators that could be body-safe and because we didn't want them to cost more than two work week's worth of lattes. Weird flex, but if you're carving out that part of your budget right now, then you might have some uh, wiggle room.

If you still can't afford it right now, rest assured that with a little creativity there are totally free sex toys right now that are lying around your home. But if you're able to treat yourself in a little way, we have just a few options that can kick you off.

1. Satisfyer One Night Stand Clitoral Suction Simulator, $13

Isolation seems like a wonderful time to try new things, like learning French, baking rosemary bread, or trying out clitoral suction devices. If you're not acquainted with this particular strain of sex toys, Satisfyer is a reliable power player in the market, and this little guy can give you an intro to it's wind-powered ways. Low price, low commitment, and a good way to test the waters and see if this kind of stimulation is an actual one night stand or the love of your life. Since Pinkcherry is currently going 30 percent off with the code PINK30, this doesn't even bang you $15.

2. Intimina Raya Personal Massager, $40

For something sleek, safe, and sophisticated, we have this recommendation from sexologist and Bloomi founder Rebecca Alvarez Story, who vouches for it's great curve, six whisper quiet modes ("ideal for those stuck at home with roommates") and soft, waterproof medical-grade silicone for easy cleaning. Bloomi is known for expertly curated sexual wellness items (their arousal oil is the love of my life) so you know that your vag is getting the royal treatment.

3. Flutter Wand, $23

Wow, just in time for Easter! Between the pastel shade and those little ears for double stimulation, the Flutter Wand is a pretty and portable twist of the classic wand massager. If you buy it solo at Babeland, it'll run you $23—the site is offering 20 percent off single item purchases right now.

4. Eggplant Emojibator, $29

I just... really could use a laugh right now, okay? Since you're probably using the eggplant emoji more than usual anyway, you might as well put it to work IRL. And with 10 settings and medical-grade body grade silicone, this is the hero we need in these trying times.

5. Better Love Fiji Couples Vibe, $23

Finally, for someone who is quarantining for two and marathon sex got a little stale after the first week. We have a simple easy-to-insert couples vibe that you can use on yourself, or play with a friend! This little guy can offer good vibes only to both your clit and your G-spot, which will definitely help spice things up...for another week. Good news though: EllaParadis is currently offering 60 percent off (I KNOW, RIGHT?) off their inventory with the code SPRING, so if you hurry at it you can grab this usually pricier device for a steal. And hell, maybe see if you can afford another latte or twos worth of goodies.

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