A Bottle of This Dry Skin-Saving Drugstore Moisturizer Sells Every 3 Seconds in Korea

Photo: Getty Images/ Eva Szombat
K-Beauty has introduced us to some seriously important elements of our skin-care routines. Sheet masks, serum cocktail-ing, the nourishing powers of snail mucin... the list goes on and on. And one more worth adding? AHC Essential Eye Cream for Face ($29), a bottle of which sells every three seconds in Korea.

If your moisturizer and eye cream had a baby, it would be this stuff. The name "eye cream for face" stems from the fact that the product's ingredients pack a serious punch, like an eye cream, but can be used all over, like a moisturizer, meaning it combines two steps of your skin-care routine into a single quick and easy one. Eye creams tend to be more heavily concentrated than your run-of-the mill moisturizer, and this product takes its cues from that formulation, which means you've got some power-packed ingredients in high doses.

There's hyaluronic acid, which is best in class as far as hydration goes; peptides, which help amp up skin barrier protection; and a proprietary blend of vitamins. In addition to leaving your skin feeling moisturized and ready to take on whatever the winter weather wants to throw at it, the combo also helps to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. What's wild about this stuff is that though it functions as a heavy moisturizer, it feels so light that you hardly realize how deeply it's penetrating your skin. It's not goopy or greasy, and its texture is much closer to that of a lotion than a full-on cream. BTW: Here's the drugstore routine a derm suggests:

Given how many amazing skin-care products come out of Korea, you know that something this popular is bound to be legit. Having now used the AHC Essential Eye Cream for Face religiously over the past eight weeks, the claims stand up. I've been layering it on before bed in lieu of my usual winter moisturizer-sleep mask combo, and wake up every morning with skin that feels smooth, plump, and hydrated. Stock up before the first snowfall.

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