These Are the Plants That Will Actually Clean up Your Air

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No matter how clean your home is, chances are, the air's still got a little somethin' somethin' in it that isn't exactly *great* for your body (remember, the air inside is up to five times more polluted than outdoor air). In the same way you regularly detox your diet and your beauty routine, you can also detox your home.

"So much of our time is spent indoors, and many of the everyday items in our homes and offices contribute to poor air quality—from the cleaning products we use to the upholstery on the chair we sit in," says Kelsie Hayes, founder of NYC's The Pop Up Florist. "The good news is that the house plants that many of us love aesthetically also help counter the toxicity."

In simplest terms, these "detox plants" work by absorbing toxins in the air and processing them into oxygen—in other words, they take out (some of) the bad and replace it with the good, breathable stuff. You don't necessarily need to turn your living room (or shower) into a full-on jungle for it to work, but Hayes suggests a more-is-more approach if you want to see real results.

While all #plantpets need a little commitment and TLC to keep alive, most of these air-purifying plants are relatively low maintenance: Direct sunlight and a weekly watering should do the trick. Hayes suggests popping them in fun pots to accessorize a floor or shelf space. "When it comes to choosing a pot I think combining textures in muted colors allows the plant to speak for itself."

Read on for her five favorite functional plants to help your home be the epitome of "look good, feel good".

Snake plant


The aloe plant


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Boston fern


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Spider plant

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