5 Dreamy European Castles on Airbnb Where You Can *Actually* Stay

Photo: Airbnb
When it comes to my regularly scheduled Netflix time, I'm more into feel-good TV shows than Downton Abbey–esque period pieces or Game of Thrones–reminiscent fantasies. It's not that I don't enjoy those shows, I just end up supremely distracted by the monumental stature of the castles and the medieval royal interiors, and then I lose track of the plot. Even Emma Watson's take as Belle in Beauty of the Beast included too many rococo castle #goals for my attention to handle.

While vicariously living like a French girl isn't the tallest task, living the castle life is a tougher royal code to crack. But I discovered through Airbnb research that castles practically abound in Europe. That's right, your royal vacation is just a few clicks (and a plane ride) away.

Travel through the bucket-list worthy locales below.

Photo: Airbnb

1. Enniskillen, United Kingdom, $1,908 per night

If Chip & Joanna Gaines lived on the English countryside, their home (sorry, castle) would probably look pretty similar this Airbnb, which is equal parts rustic, minimal, and charming.

Photo: Airbnb

2. St. Julians, Malta, $898 per night

Want a royal getaway, but also want to see the sun? This Malta castle will deliver your vitamin D fix, plus it has ocean views and a pool.

Photo: Airbnb

3. Thurles, Ireland, $1,278 per night

If you think of a castle and close your eyes, chances are this Irish Airbnb will come to mind. But aside from a picturesque exterior, the interior of this spot offers even more to write home about.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Oleggio Castello, Italy, $4,489 per night

To really be treated like royalty, you have to pay the price. And this eight-bedroom castle in Italy is not only good looking, but it actually has it's own restaurant and wine bar.

Photo: Airbnb

5. Fronsac, France, $1,008 per night

A combination of old and new, this French home will let you live out your Marie Antoinette–related fantasy while still keeping you comfy with modern amenities (i.e., contemporary bathrooms and televisions).

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