5 Luxe-yet-Rustic Airbnbs That Will Make You Want to Glamp Through Summer

Photo: Airbnb
With warmer spring weather set to make its appearance any day now (seriously—hurry up, Mother Nature!), even those who are usually averse to alfresco activities tend to find reasons—like crystal foraging!—to be outside, basking in the non-freezing temperatures. So no matter if your stance on the great outdoors is "hike all day, every day" or more like "nap outside," when planning a restorative spring getaway, you'd be missing out if you skipped the luxe-yet-rustic affordable glamping options that abound around the world.

Rather than fully brave the wilderness and abandon certain comforts, like indoor plumbing, check out Airbnb's slew of globe-spanning listings that are a glamping dream come true: They're set in nature, chic, and fitted with some contemporary conveniences—you know, in case you just want to do a partial digital detox.

Check out the dreamy glamping rentals below.

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