5 Homes With Dreamy Bathrooms Available Via Airbnb’s New, Luxe Feature

Photo: Airbnb
As someone who lives in the type of New York City apartment that doesn't have a bathtub (read: a a small space), I place supreme importance on bathroom amenities when choosing an Airbnb or a hotel room when booking travel. But, trying to skim through Airbnb's seemingly endless options in search of my dream bathroom is incredibly time consuming. Recently, however, the website launched Airbnb Plus, a new feature to meet the desires of travelers looking for a luxe rental experience in homes that are totally vetted—and the tool is a total time saver.

Using this much slimmer and sleeker edit of the website's full offerings, I've picked five homes around the world with some of the most breathtaking and beautiful bathrooms, like, ever. Whether your plans are to sightsee and unwind in a home spa or do nothing but swim and bathe, these are the spaces you're looking for.

Bathe in luxury at these five homes below, available to rent through Airbnb Plus.

Photo: Airbnb

1. Beverly Hills, California, $3,600 per night

This Beverly Hills home is picturesque Hollywood opulence. Though the price is steep, if you fill the house's 10-person capacity, it comes down to $360 a night—which is, TBH, reasonable, considering the panoramic vista, hillside pools, walk-in showers, and a bathtub with cliffside views.

Photo: Airbnb

2. Austin, Texas, $114 per night

This renovated ’50s bungalow in Texas has a bathroom that rivals pretty much any spa I've ever been to. A mix of a Swedish bathhouse and Frank Lloyd Wright–esque architecture, this home is a sweet bargain.

Photo: Airbnb

3. Rome, Italy, $349 per night

Wes Anderson obsessives: Take a trip to visit the café he designed in Milan and then, having checked off a legit sightseeing goal, continue the theme and head to Rome to stay at this beautiful home with a millennial pink bathroom that looks like it was plucked out of The Grand Budapest Hotel. This apartment also has an elevated wood-paneled tub that has a nostalgic Roman Holiday–like glamour to it.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Fairlight, Australia, $308 per night

This home was built in the 1860s, but a renovation morphed it into a combination of modern and rustic design. Not only are there walk-in showers and bathtubs, but they're also stocked with Aesop products.

Photo: Airbnb

5. London, England, $324 per night

This eclectic home in London is a master class in pattern mixing and bathroom plants—and it's a worthy candidate for your restorative getaway. Not to mention, the Victorian house is also highly Instagrammable.

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