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4 Ways Airbnb’s Luxe Updates Will Make Your Next Healthy Trip Even Better

Tehrene Firman

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As of late, property-rental company Airbnb has been releasing updates to make checking off dreamy destinations from your travel bucket list as simple and streamlined as possible. It recently launched an experience-based travel feature, and now, thanks to some luxe changes, your trips will probably get even better.

Between high-end services like vetted homes, guest perks, and expert-curated travel, here's everything new to Airbnb—and exactly how you can take advantage.

4 ways Airbnb's luxe updates will make your travel plans even better.

1. Book a home vetted for quality, style, and amenities

You can officially stop worrying whether the house in the photos is the house you're going to visit IRL. Thanks to the new Airbnb Plus program, there's a new selection of high-quality homes that have been visited in person and inspected. Right now there are more than 2,000 rentals of this sort to choose from in 13 cities around the world—and all have great bedding, fully equipped bathrooms and kitchens, and other special perks, Afar reports. Basically, these hosts go above and beyond to make you as comfortable as possible during your stay. Just look for the "Plus" badge when you're searching.

2. Score perks for being a great guest

If you use Airbnb on the regular, you're in luck: Later this year, the company is launching its Superguest program, Afar reports, and the initiative will reward great customers with perks like hotel points, a fully-stocked fridge, airport pickup, and more. There aren't too many details available yet, but it just proves that it pays to leave the property in just as nice of condition as you found it—or even better.

3. Find your dream rental easier than ever

Lets say you'd like to live in an adult tree house for a weekend (um, because who wouldn't?); it's now incredibly easy to find solid options on Airbnb instead of sifting through places until you come across what you're looking for. The company now offers Categories and Collections, which allows you to search for property types like "unique space," "B&B," and "boutique," as well as search by collections for venues for certain occasions, like weddings.

4. Have Airbnb plan your trip for you

Don't want to spend the time to plan a trip? Well, Beyond by Airbnb can do it for you. After booking a luxury rental (yep, you have to spend the big bucks!), you'll get plenty of personalized touches and customized excursions specifically for you, chosen by an expert.

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