Where You Should Travel in 2018, According to Airbnb

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Anyone who loves visiting hot spots before they land in a prime position on countless bucket lists is in for a treat: There are plenty of places to visit in 2018, but Airbnb revealed some locales that are about to ascend to lust-worthy healthy-travel heights—so you might want to book a stay before their under-the-radar cover is totally blown.

After analyzing the cities where bookings have doubled, tripled, or more throughout the past year, the property-rental company released a list of 20 up-and-coming respites around the world. Some of the places are clear across the globe—like Dunedin, New Zealand—and others, as far as your passport is concerned at least, are practically in your backyard—like Indianapolis, Indiana.

So, what are you waiting for? Make plans to see the world via these trending destinations before an onslaught of touristy attractions compromise their charm.

Check out the 20 up-and-coming places to visit in 2018.

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1. Gangneung, Korea

Booking spike: 2,175 percent

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2. Bournemouth, UK

Booking spike: 353 percent

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3. Edmonton, Canada

Booking spike: 284 percent

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4. Indianapolis, Indiana

Booking spike: 256 percent

5. Da Nang, Vietnam

Booking spike: 255 percent

6. Columbus, Ohio

Booking spike: 254 percent

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7. Gazimagusa, Cyprus

Booking spike: 234 percent

8. Bilbao, Spain

Booking spike: 234 percent

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9. Hanoi, Vietnam

Booking spike: 212 percent

10. Matinhos, Brazil

Booking spike: 209 percent

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11. Cardiff, UK

Booking spike: 206 percent

12. Guarapari, Brazil

Booking spike: 205 percent

13. Minneapolis, Minnesota

Booking spike: 193 percent

14. Oita, Japan

Booking spike: 190 percent

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15. Dunedin, New Zealand

Booking spike: 185 percent

16. Mar del Plata, Argentina

Booking spike: 181 percent

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17. Fernie, Canada

Booking spike: 179 percent

18. Zagreb, Croatia

Booking spike: 175 percent

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19. Mykonos, Greece

Booking spike: 173 percent

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20. Mazatlan, Mexico

Booking spike: 169 percent

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