4 Airbnbs That Will Convince You to Visit the Faroe Islands, AKA the Next Iceland

There's a new Nordic hot spot perfect for getting your hygge on.

If Instagram has taught me anything, it's that I'm not taking my smoothie art seriously enough and that seemingly all wanderlusters are either in, going to, or just back from Iceland. The place that was once an under-the-radar oasis of majestic hot springs is now at the top of many people's travel bucket list because of its natural healing locales and beautiful terrain.

But Iceland isn't the only Nordic destination that offers sprawling greenery, breathtaking volcanic scenery, and prime spots for unplugging: Another underlooked location is the Faroe Islands. Though technically part of the Kingdom of Denmark, the Faroe Islands are autonomous and self-governing; the 18 separate islands are connected through bridges, tunnels, ferries, and the like.

Although getting there can be a bit complicated (there aren't yet direct flights from the United States), once you arrive, there is a Michelin-starred restaurant, floating lakes, and Airbnbs perfect for getting you into the full spirit of hygge.

Book your flight and stay at one of these Airbnbs below, three of which are in Tórshavn, the country's capital.

Photo: Airbnb

1. Tórshavn, $164 per night

This apartment's high ceilings create an airy, sun-filled space that will never seem crowded even though it can accommodate six people—meaning each person pays just $27 a night.

Photo: Airbnb

2. Tórshavn, $111 per night

A collection of scattered plants livens this minimalist home, so you can enjoy the greenery indoors and outdoors.

Photo: Airbnb

3. Tórshavn, $110 per night

This white, clean-lined Airbnb is located in the center of the city, so you can quickly hop out from your respite and into the thick of things.

Photo: Airbnb

4. Sørvágur, $59 per night

This traditional Faroese house was built in 1882 but was recently renovated. And it's great news, as IMHO, rustic settings are much more alluring when they have all the benefits of modernity, after all.

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