Target Can’t Keep These $7 Pimple Patches in Stock

Photo: Stocksy/Leandro Crespi
Christmas is great and all, but—nowadays, I'm way more excited to wake up and remove a pimple patch than to unwrap presents. Because there's nothing more satisfying than seeing a flattened zit, ya know? Much to my luck, beauty shelves are chock-full of acne patches in all shapes and sizes to choose from. But there's one particular pimple patch that Target literally cannot keep in stock: Alba Botanica Anecdote Pimple Patches ($7).

These patches are all the rage because they work—they're little clear adhesives that are spiked with a special concoction of pimple-squelching ingredients. Unlike the majority of pimple patches that just use hydrocolloid, the Alba Botanica ones use the zit-zapping ingredient plus tea tree oil (a superstar antibacterial), witch hazel (which soothes inflammation), and salicylic acid (which exfoliates gunk) to really give your pimple no chance of survival.

Photo: Alba Botanica

So it's no wonder why these babies are flying off of the drugstore shelves. They've been four-out-of-five stars on Target's website, and fans have left rave reviews about how effective they are. My fellow Well+Good editor Kells McPhillips swears by them, noting they help prevent her from picking at her pimple (the worst crime), and "bring the redness down to let me focus on other things that aren't the giant zit on my chin."

The best news is that these are available at the drugstore, so you don't have to schlep to a specialty beauty boutique to take care of an angry pimple. But, of course... the bad news is that Target's completely sold out. Personally, I'm signing up for the next restock.

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