Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Cooking up a Revolution With Her Instant Pot

Photo: Getty Images/Mario Tama
Instant Pot obsession is real, and apparently no one is immune to its charm—including newly-elected Congressmember Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The New Yorker is already gaining a rep as the most relatable elected official ever. (Her tweet about being a bartender and buying her first couch literally a year ago? Yes girl.) Now, she's looking to experiment with her Instant Pot—and she'll be doing it live, on Insta, for everyone to see.

"Ok y'all, I need your help finding really good Instant Pot recipes for IG Live conversations," she shared on Twitter on Saturday. "All meals, cuisines, and dietary choices welcome. They just need to be GOOD, don't put me onto things with no flavor."

She asked and thousands of her followers answered, sharing their all-time fave IP concoctions. The recommendations included chicken marsala, Korean beef, French cassoulet, and chicken shawarma. (Is your mouth watering? Because mine definitely is.)

Even Sweet Potato Soul's Jenne Clairborne chimed in, sending a video link of some of her favorite vegan IP recipes, like her black bean coconut soup.

And Bon Appétit joined in on the fun, suggesting one of their own soup recipes:

If you're feeling overwhelmed by all the IP recipe inspo, don't worry—one helpful follower pinned a ton of the recipes together onto one Pinterest board for easy reference. Others gave shoutouts to their favorite cookbook authors and websites, and shared helpful tips and tricks.

But Ocasio-Cortez wasn't looking for recipes just because she loves her IP. She actually demoed one of the recipes (a black bean soup) on Instagram Live on Sunday night while talking to her followers and constituents about cash bail:

Political beliefs aside, she's reminding the public of the power of connecting over food. And that's something that cuts across party lines. That, and the fact that the Instant Pot is awesome.

Get in on the Instant Pot fun with these two healthy recipes. And here's the best way to clean it when you're done.

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