Alicia Silverstone Can’t Start Her Morning Without Miso Soup and Vegan Mascara

Welcome to My Morning Routine, where Alicia Silverstone and other good-life gurus share their personal (frequently surprising, often healthy) morning rituals—to help you make your a.m.’s more awesome. 

Alicia Silverstone
Actress, author of The Kind Diet and The Kind Mama, blogger, curator of Love Goodly's April/May vegan beauty box benefiting Farm Sanctuary

I wake up naturally when I can, but I have a little monkey named Bear Blu and we get up for school around 6:45 a.m. Before I get out of bed, I try to put my legs up the wall, breathe, and do kegels. But most of the time I jump right into getting the day started with my son. It’s full-on kiddo time from the moment we get up.

To prepare for my work day, I try to get the most sleep possible and get exercise out of the way. I love yoga and walking—with friends, with Bear, or by myself. I also enjoy Barry’s Bootcamp or some kind of circuit training class.

Sometimes when I walk, I try to meditate by listening to the trees and sounds, smelling the air, and feeling my steps. Spirituality is so individual, in terms of what that means to a person, so it's sort of hard to talk about. For me, it is my commitment to non-suffering. I don't want any creature to suffer, and I certainly don't want them to suffer because of me.

My diet is really the core of it all. It depends on the day, but my go-to dishes are immune boosting miso soup, steamed or blanched greens with ume vinaigrette, sweet rice, amaranth, and apricot breakfast porridge, or mochi waffles—yum!

For everyday, I don’t need makeup to feel fresh—thanks to the best beauty trick of all: eating plants! On top of my Kind Diet foundation, there are a couple products I enjoy using. I love a face serum, particularly the Deep Hydrating Serum by Josh Rosebrook and the Balancing Serum by Qet Botanicals. For my hair, Kooshoo’s organic hair ties are my go-to, and if I’m in need of mascara, I’ll go with Zao Volumizing Mascara. Both of these are part of my Love Goodly box benefiting Farm Sanctuary.

Then, I make sure I have superhero fare for the day planned and pack my lunch and snacks if I’m headed out. Being well-nourished leaves me so much more clear-minded, present, open-hearted, and connected to the earth.

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