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Peach & Lily’s Founder Spills Her Travel K-Beauty Secrets

Nneka M. Okona

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From trying to find healthy foods to eat at airport chains to the challenging task of packing a carry-on only, flying can be a pain. And the worst thing of all? The resulting dry skin.

Luckily, there are ways to combat stale cabin air. For instance, Alicia Yoon, founder of cult favorite K-beauty store Peach & Lily, has been known to don a sheet mask on flights to help her face stay hydrated. One of her go-tos is Eco Your Skin’s Face Blanket Mask, chiefly because it can be worn overnight (or the entire length of a long-haul flight.) Her other travel must-haves include Aromatica’s argan oil, Drunk Elephant’s marula facial oil, Cremorlab’s smooth pudding, Kicho moisturizing skin cream, and KohGenDo cleansing wipes.

Suffice to say she makes sure her skin consumes as much liquid as she does when in transit.

Keep scrolling to see what else is in Alica Yoon's travel skin-care survival kit.

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Yoon, who is also a certified esthetician, has tips for skin care on shorter car trips, too, as detailed in a recent multi-step Instagram story. It begins with basic good hygiene. “Make sure your hands are clean before touching your face,” she advises.

The second step is using a cleansing wipe or tissue to carefully remove any makeup or dirt that may be on your face. Next, use a spritz of toner, followed by a lip mask and a sheet mask that is applied directly over the lip mask. And lastly, give yourself a facial massage. Make gentle sweeps from the sides of your nose to your outer face, then sweep down towards your neck to drain the lymph nodes along your jawline. The result? “Less puffiness and more radiance,” Yoon says.

After the masks, seal in moisture with a lotion. If you're traveling during the day, finish with an SPF for sun protection through your plane or car window. Not half bad for a skincare routine achieved on the go while seeing the world!

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