The Celebrity-Approved Method for Backflipping Over Obstacles in the Way of Your Dreams

Watch the video to learn how Alisha Boe powers through when obstacles stand in her way.

If you're a faithful viewer of 13 Reasons Why, you know that Alicia Boe's character, Jessica, epitomizes assertiveness. Her strength on the Netflix original series is something to emulate, and the same thing proves true in real life.

The actor's ambition and resiliency landed her a television role, but she's heard "no" more often than she's heard "yes" in pursuit of a successful career, she says on the most recent episode of Well+Good's The Avocado Show. After each rejection, she's brushed herself off and gone to another audition.

"Don't give up. You're going to get a lot of no's, but if you love it and this is your passion, if you keep doing it and pursuing it, it will pay off," says Boe when asked about her advice for those aspiring to work in show business. Whether or not you call Hollywood home, you can pocket this advice for your greatest moments of doubt. After all, a single yes can overshadow a million no's.

Want even more inspiration from Boe? Check out the video

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