Whip up Alison Wu’s Natural DIY Spot Treatment Using Just 3 Pantry Staples

Photo: Stocksy/VeaVea

Even if you remove all your makeup before you go to sleep, have a super effective skin-brightening vitamin C serum in your rotation, and sip collagen every day, you can't totally control your complexion. Your fickle and imperfect epidermis will inevitably break out from time to time. During these blemish bouts, don't react by heaving your entire skin-care collection into the trash. While unloading your makeup bag may feel like a compelling method for also unloading some unwanted pimples, instead try whipping up a DIY spot treatment or mask in your kitchen.

Wellness blogger Alison Wu (a healthy-living extraordinaire who has a seemingly endless supply of life-improving tips and hacks to offer) recently shared on Instagram the easy DIY spot treatment she uses on the areas of her skin that aren't cooperating.

The "approximate" recipe for the super-anti-inflammatory and -soothing mask is to mix 1 Tbsp of raw honey, 1 Tbsp of (the ever-multitasking) apple cider vinegar, and whatever amount of turmeric it takes to turn the liquid into a paste. Once you've created your mask, simply apply it to the problem areas of your skin, leave it on for 10 minutes, and then it rinse off with warm water.

Since you likely have all three of these ingredients in your well-stocked pantry, this breakout treatment is basically free. And hey, Madonna would probably be a fan of the honey-infused treatment, too, so consider yourself in good company.

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