Alison Wu’s Genius Travel Hack Will Give You Frothy Matcha on the Go, No Blender Needed

Photo: Instagram/@alison_wu
There are plenty of things you miss when you're traveling: Your dog, your own bed, your plants, and of course your go-to matcha-making tools. Sticking a bamboo whisk and tea bowl or blender into your carry-on isn't exactly a space saver, but wellness blogger Alison Wu recently shared a tip on her Instagram Stories that'll make it possible for you to enjoy your antioxidant-rich green-tea drink on the go: packing a blender ball.

While blender balls are popularly used to mix protein shakes, the device is also a great under-the-radar tool for brewing quality matcha. Instead of hoping that the airport has a solid stable of wellness-beverage offerings or that your Airbnb is equipped with the proper utensils (a girl can dream!), make your own superfood latte on the fly by simply sticking a smoothie shaker in your travel mug.

alison wu matcha travel hack
Photo: Instagram/@alison_wu

Wu's favorite stainless steel shaker balls are available on Amazon for $7 (you never know when you'll need a backup!), and with them in your travel arsenal, you may never have to check off any places from your ever-growing bucket list without your favorite energizing drink in hand.

Originally posted February 21, 2018. Updated May 18, 2018.

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