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Allbirds Drops Its First High Top, Taking Its Sustainable Sneakers to New Heights

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Photo: Allbirds
It's hard to walk down the streets of New York City these days without spotting at least one pair of Allbirds sneakers. They've become a go-to shoe for people who love a comfy piece of casual footwear. (So, basically everybody.)

And after conducting a thorough poll of the two people in our office who love their Allbirds the way an avocado loves toast, it's easy to see their appeal. As one Well+Good editor puts it, "They feel more like performance slippers than sneakers, and who doesn't need that in their life?" Another adds, "Basically, it's like if you could get away with wearing a bathrobe to work." Except on your feet.

The only visible downside, until now, was that Allbirds only made low tops. Fortunately for you (and your ankles), the San-Francisco-based sustainable sneaker company launched its first high top, the Tree Topper, today. It looks pretty much the same as their Tree Runners but, you know, taller. Others have compared it to a Chuck Taylor. I'd say, it's more akin to a wooly version of a chukka boot (without the heel)—and can likely be worn with as many things in your wardrobe. (Coincidentally, the fact that "they go with everything," is another reason my co-workers heart Allbirds sneakers.)

Allbirds' Tree Topper ($115) is also the first style from the brand to combine all three of its natural materials: merino wool, eucalyptus tree fiber, and sugarcane EVA foam for the soles. "[It's] a true representation of our approach to design and sustainability," said Jamie McLellan, Allbirds' head of design, in a press release. "With just the right amount of nothing and comfort as a non-negotiable."

To which I ask, is it ever?

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