This Allbirds Puffer Coat Is the Warm Hug You Need in the Dead of Winter

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I recently stumbled upon an au courant meme of a woman wearing a socially distanced puffer coat. That is, a piece of outerwear so large that it, and it alone, satisfied the CDC-recommended pandemic separation guidelines with a single zip. Although I've yet to find a piece of clothing that covers that much ground, I may have discovered something even better: The Allbirds Trino Puffer ($250), a jacket so cumulous that it feels like being wrapped in a giant, non-socially distanced hug.

Allbirds' take on the popular puffer silhouette comes in two neutral colorways: white and charcoal. While the garment has a slightly cropped cut, folks who are under 5'5" (like me) will enjoy a more classic fit that hits right at the waistline. It also comes with two zippered pockets and a turtleneck-like feature that doesn't let wind to sneak in anywhere. A cozy blend of merino wool, lyocell, recycled polyester, nylon, and elastane will keep you feeling warm, even when it's cold enough to have snow on the ground. In short, it's a wardrobe staple you'll want to snuggle up with all winter long.

allbirds puffer
Photo: Allbirds

Shop now: Allbirds Trino Puffer, $250

Unlike similar cushy coats on the market, the Allbirds Trino Puffer doesn't weigh you down while it's trying to keep you warm. Instead, the lightweight materials form a shell that acts as a buffer between you and the frigidness of the elements. That's why my go-to move has been throwing on this outer layer for power walks or hikes, then shedding it when I inevitably start to sweat. It even folds down nicely so you can slip it into a backpack or tuck it beneath your arm for when you feel chilly again.

While this puffer can definitely hold its own through the bitterest days of winter, I've found that you can dial up its toasty factor by layering a cashmere or wool sweater underneath if you, like me, are always cold. (Personally, I've been using Allbirds Wool Cardi, $145, when I need more fabric between myself and the outdoors.) The insulation in the jacket amplifies the warmth of everything you have underneath, so this little trick basically makes you feel like you're bundled around a campfire. Just make sure to provide your own S'mores.

And you don't need to rely on me and my love letter to the product alone as evidence that it's worth your time and dollars. I'm quarantining with my family right now and, I kid you not, every single member has stolen this puffer while I wasn't looking to take it on walks and socially distanced holiday shopping errands. What can I say? Even during a pandemic, the puffer coat's proclivity for hugs has granted it a very booked social calendar.

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