Prick-Resistant Patients, Rejoice! Allergy Toothpaste Is Now a Thing

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Seasonal allergies can be a real bummer. Whether your constantly itchy eyes and runny nose are due to dust mites, pet dander, pollen, or another irritant, the treatment is usually similar: grab an over-the-counter solution and hope for the best, or turn yourself into a human pin cushion and undergo an allergy-shot regimen that uses immunotherapy to reduce your symptoms. But what if you could become sneeze-free simply by brushing your teeth, no needles required?

According to Popular Science, there's a lesser-known treatment available that actually works, despite sounding way too good to be true: Allerdent, an allergy-desensitizing toothpaste. Created by allergist William Reisacher, MD, to make prick-resistant patients actually want to come in for allergy treatments, the thick paste is simply combined with a chilled liquid desensitizing serum in-office. Then, after a doc mixes it up, you can take it home with you, where you'll use two dollops a day to fight up to 10 of your key allergens included in the paste, opposed to receiving a weekly shot. The coolest part? The product still cleans your teeth, too.

Allerdent, an allergy-desensitizing toothpaste, might make prick-resistant patients actually want to come in for allergy treatments.

Not only can the allergy-fighting toothpaste save you plenty of trips to the doctor's office, but it can also save you money. While weekly shots could run you $1,300 to $3,900 a year depending on whether or not they're covered by health insurance, a three-month supply of Allerdent is only $140. Less pain and more gain? Let's hope for allergy sufferers, this alternative method is here to stay and expands to cover other allergies, like food, soon, too.

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