All You Need to Copy Alison Brie’s Workout Recovery Game Is a Dropper Full of CBD

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Watch a single scene of Alison Brie kicking ass as a professional wrestler in GLOW, and one thing is immediately clear: This woman is no damn joke. She takes her IRL training just as seriously as her character, Ruth, does onscreen—and that means finding a way to sweat whenever and wherever she can.

“On days that I work out, I feel good—I feel confident I feel strong and calm,” says Brie, who partnered Manitoba Harvest on its CBD launch, which she uses as a recovery tool. "On days that I don't work out I feel a little untethered and a little grouchy, so it's a real priority to me, no matter where I am.” The first thing she does when she gets to a new location is figure out a plan for how best to stick with her routine—finding a gym, a park, or even a space in her hotel room to get her sweat on.

"I've done workouts in my trailer at work when I had a 30 minute break. I just feel like, it's good to find that time. It's good for your health, and it's good for your mind,” she says. And while Rise Nation and Peloton are faves when she's in LA, she turns to Instagram fit pros like Devin Wiggins and Claire P. Thomas when she's traveling. "I seldom do the exact thing that they're doing, but I kind of look at it, and mix and match those with with a running list that I already keep in my phone of certain exercises that I can do on my own," she says.

The GLOW star is currently dealing with an injury, and while she (clearly) hasn't let it get in the way of her fitness regimen, it has meant that she needs to focus more than ever on taking care of her body when she's not in the gym. "For muscle recovery, Epsom salts and CBD are a big part of my routine," she says, adding that she also foam rolls and tries to get regular sports massages, and takes her days off very seriously. "My husband [actor Dave Franco] and I usually will take a lazy Sunday. We're very serious about our lazy Sundays—the goal is to not leave the house at all. We do next to nothing."

In addition to turning to CBD for recovery, she also uses it to help her chill the F out when she's feeling stressed. "I've found adding CBD oil to my diet is a great component to balance and a healthy lifestyle," she tells me. "Putting a dropper-full in my tea every day is a really great way to achieve balance and maintain that calm and focus. And it obviously helps with muscle recovery, which is sort of why I got into it in the first place."

Instagram and CBD? Brie's character may be kicking ass in the '80s, but her real life regiment is just about as 2019 as it gets.

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