Allison Holker Dances Every. Single. Day. And We Are Here for It

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You may know Allison Holker as a dancer—she was a So You Think You Can Dance contestant turned Dancing With The Stars pro—or maybe from her viral “white privilege” TikTok with her husband Stephen “tWitch” Boss—best known for being the in-house DJ on The Ellen DeGeneres Show—or most recently, from the couple's incredibly fun Boss Family Workouts. One thing is for sure, if you know of Holker, you love her, and if you don’t of her, you’re about to fall hard for your next girl crush.

Holker radiates positivity, and she’s working hard to inspire her nearly two million Instagram followers to live a healthy, balanced life. Here, we caught up with the busy mom of three to talk about her favorite workouts, achieving her goals, her secrets to a happy marriage, and her favorite healthy recipes.

Well+Good: We love watching you dance on Instagram! How did the idea for your Boss Family Workouts come to you?

Holker: My husband and I wanted to make sure that during quarantine we were keeping ourselves and our family moving and exercising. So when we decided that we were going to do these groove-along sessions with each other. Then, we realized how important but also fun it could be to help others stay active at this time. So we truly, honestly started out by staying active ourselves but decided to be a source for others. In turn, we built an incredible, supportive, and fun community that loves to move together.

Who choreographs the routines or do you and tWitch do it together?

We choreograph together. We just put on a song and start dancing together and see where it goes. Dance is so important to us, both emotionally and physically, that we never want it to feel stressful, so we always keep it lighthearted. This is a way for us to connect and enjoy each other’s company.

So I'm guessing you dance every day?

Yes! Even if it’s just while I’m cooking or cleaning.

What workouts do you love to do other than dancing?

I also love staying active doing yoga, running, and weight training. I feel lucky to have a partner, who is always helping me to stay motivated and is also teaching me new workouts, which keeps it fresh and new.

How else have you been staying active during quarantine?

Honestly... chasing after all of our kids. They keep us active all day long...and I mean all day long! For myself and my family, getting outside in the sun every day is so important, so we need an SPF we can trust. We are lucky enough to live in California, where it is sunny year-round, so SPF has always been part of our daily routine. That’s why partnering with Banana Boat on their #ProtectTheFun campaign was such a perfect fit for me. They’re a brand that encourages families to make the most of their time outdoors. I was so excited to be able to create two Instagram summer fun tutorials for the brand with my son Maddox—an upbeat outdoor dance video that gets the whole family moving, and a beach-themed obstacle course that’ll get your heart rate up (it’s one of my kids’ favorites).

What are your tips for getting kids who hate sunscreen to wear it?

My number one tip is to make it part of your kids’ everyday routine so it feels normal to them, like brushing your teeth. SPF should be applied every single day—not just when you’re heading to the beach. For myself and my kids, I love the Banana Boat Ultra Sport Spray SPF 50 ($8), because it’s water and sweat-resistant, so I can trust that it will keep us protected whether we’re playing outside, taking a dip in the pool, or just going for a walk around the neighborhood. Plus, it’s super easy to apply, and it’s reef-friendly.

Has tWitch ever gotten on your nerves or vice versa during the pandemic and how did you move past it?

We are trying our best to be patient at this time and we try to make sure each person has time by themselves here [and] there. Personal space is very important right now, so we can appreciate the times we come together. We enjoy cooking together as a couple and trying new recipes. And, of course, sharing a little slow dance while cooking.

You’ve been with your husband tWitch for a long time. What are your tips for a long-lasting marriage?

Communication and remembering your happiness depends on you. We can’t rely on the other to bring us happiness. It’s important to have your own personal interests and growth, especially at this time. We’ve been together 10 years, and married six!

You've been outspoken about social justice in regards to Black Lives Matter. Can you speak about why it's so important for you and your family to be vocal about it?

I stand with BLM. My family is Black and we will continue to be a part of the change to make life equal for all.

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