Alo Just Launched 6 Essential Oils That’ll Infuse Your Mat Practice With Heightened Levels of Relaxation

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Essential oils can be used in aromatherapy practices for a number of feel-good wellness benefits, like improved memory, better sleep, and even being an aphrodisiac. And now, Alo Yoga wants you to diffuse that goodness into your restorative fitness sessions. Alo is expanding its wellness line that's full of shower and skin-care goodies to include its just-launched six proprietary essential oils.

Since essential oils activate your senses, using them in your fitness sessions may just help you elevate your mindful routine. Each of the six ethically sourced essential oils from Alo is designed to promote mental, physical, and spiritual wellness in their own way: Breathe + Spa to serve as a heart-opener; Sleep + Downshift to release tension; Cleanse + Detox to purify; Awaken + Center to elevate the mind; Energize + Fresh to perk you up; and Chill + Unwind to soothe.

They’re also easy to use: Rub them on your palms before a workout, mix them with water to spray on your clothes or mat, or diffuse them. (You can also opt for Alo's new Aura diffuser, launching alongside the essential oils, for $98). Each oil retails for $18 a piece, but you can also get the entire collection for $75.

Ahead, get the details on each of the six Alo Essential Oils.

Breathe + Spa — $18.00

With notes of ravintsara, eucalyptus, and tea tree, this oil can help “open your heart,” according to an Alo. The addition of peppermint and laurel leaf connects to energy and inspiration.

Sleep + Downshift — $18.00

This oil is great for when you need things to slow down a bit. With Roman chamomile, neroli, and ylang ylang, try it for tension relief before bedtime.

Cleanse + Detox — $18.00

Formulated with tea tree found along Australia’s coast, this blend’s health-promoting, antibacterial properties lend themselves to a sharp, fresh scent.

Awaken + Center — $18.00

This eucalyptus-centric oil gives off a green, woody aroma that aims to help open airways for breathwork and to elevate the mind.

Energize + Fresh — $18.00

Energize + Fresh offers a fresh, peppermint-leading aroma that’ll help you re-energize. You can also use this oil following your post-workout cooldown.

Chill + Unwind — $18.00

This oil places lavender front and center, which lends it to being a soothing scent that can help you unwind.

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