How To Connect With Your Zodiac Power Symbol

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You know those days when you fall into that sweatpants-all-day slog and feel far from shiny? If you need some encouragement to live your best life, you might want to learn the alternate zodiac symbols. See, all zodiac signs have a power symbol, and while many align with your star sign's given mascot, some are a little more unexpected.

"The power animal is a symbol that summarizes the characteristics of the sign in terms on how the person needs to set a standard of living in its own territory," says says Veroshk Williams, PhD, astrologer and clinical psychologist. "The power animal gives a zodiac sign the information on how to make it, survive, and basically take ownership of its existence on a daily basis. It is key for maintaining the zodiac sign in balance and harmony with itself and the rest of the zodiac."

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And think of your power animal as an agent in the larger astrological ecosystem. In the zodiac wheel, Dr. Williams says each power animal is important for maintaining the others, and vice versa, therefore promoting collective stability. Connecting with yours is not only beneficial to yourself, but for the greater good, too.

How to connect with your zodiac sign animal symbol, according to an astrologer

Aries: Mouflon

What's a mouflon, you non-zoologists might be asking? It's a wild sheep, which is definitely another way to describe our vivacious rams.

"Practice your ability to take charge, decision making abilities, and autonomy," says Dr. Williams. "By being an independent leader, you are honoring the mouflon’s personality in you."

Taurus: Bull

alternate zodiac symbols taurus

Taurus naturally resonates with the bull, I've always pointed to children's book hero Ferdinand as the sign's mascot. If you want to spend your off days lazing around in the flowers, fight to afford that comfortable yet simple lifestyle.

"Allow yourself to be guided by work and achieving, but make sure that you are compensated in a just way [so] you have more than enough to cover your monetary needs," says Dr. Williams. "This is exactly what the bull does: they're active and productive enough to have a very tranquil life with enough grass and water."

Gemini: Primate

Being similar to a simian might sound like an insult at first, but Gemini know better than that. These mammals are the closest thing we have to humans, and they have a great capacity for learning. Now, what air sign does that sound like?

"Give yourself permission to explore and acquire constant new knowledge just like primates," says Dr. Williams. "Make cultivating your social life and creating a community a priority. This will keep you balanced."

Cancer: Crab

Cancer wants to lean into the crab thing, and in particularly make moves like a hermit crab. Comfort and a safe space will always be paramount to your happiness.

"In order to be able to stay stable you need to develop ‘home’ just like the crab needs to have its nest," says Dr. Williams. "Make sure that your home, work and relationships have the intimacy and are profound enough to help you feel like that."

Leo: Lion

alternate zodiac symbols leo

Another obvious one, especially because Leo exudes such a powerful image (also, they usually have a great head of hair). Your best bet is to lean into that mode of the natural performer.

"You need to work on projecting confidence, with ambition to be better and do more, and becoming a community leader," says Dr. Williams. "This would be impersonating a lion, which is what Leo needs to do to stay healthy."

Virgo: Rodents

alternate zodiac symbols virgo

Rodents are too often vilified. But they're resourceful creatures.

"Rodents are constantly looking for food supply," says Dr. Williams. "They are constantly anxious for this. In order for Virgo to become secure and stable it needs to make sure that being economically and financially super healthy should be its main goal. Secondly, forever working on its self-confidence and assurance with help with anxiety and inner doubts."

Libra: Butterflies and Dragonflies

Two brightly-winged animals sponsor the air sign preoccupied with beauty and partnerships. How perfect!

"Since butterflies and dragonflies are the power animals of Libra, we can say that the foundation of these signs are harmony and beauty," says Dr. Williams. "Therefore, Libra needs to avoid hostile environments, relationships, and everything in that category in order to be okay."

Scorpio: Scorpions and Eagles

Intensity, passion and the readiness resurface at any moment are the key elements from Scorpio’s power animals. It's Scorpio’s duty to honor its emotional intensity... and to be strategic about when it's time to evolve.

"In addition, Scorpio needs to make choices to avoid having to constantly start over or going to extremes in its life in order to avoid having to resurface," says Dr. Williams "This ability should only be stimulated when it's really necessary or needed."

Sagittarius: Horse

alternate zodiac symbols

I mean, what is a centaur, if not half archer, half Seabiscuit? For Sag, you're going to want to challenge your desire to live in the moment (read: less last-minute flights to Tulum).

"A horse's visual field is far sighted," says Dr. Williams. "Therefore, Sagittarius needs to focus more on the future and macro goals than the present and micro goals or tasks. In addition, Sagittarius needs to have the same liberty as the horse; being able to move and come and go as needed."

Capricorn: Goat

Duh, right? Leave it to Cap to keep things straightforward, as a fin-tailed goat is already it's given animal symbol.

"In order to be like a goat, Capricorn needs to internalize its ability to overcome anything," says Dr. Williams. "Its adaptation capabilities are superb. Nonetheless, Capricorn should avoid getting stuck and choosing the hardest past to achieving goals. On the contrary, Capricorn needs to use its capabilities to achieve its highest potential and becoming an expert or renowned professional."

Aquarius: An adolescent

Huh? Aquarius always has to be different, which is why it's the only sign that has a power animal as a phase of human development.

"Adolescents are stubborn and fixed with their ideas of everything," says Dr. Williams. "This reflects on Aquarius needing to be very intellectual and knowledge-oriented. In addition, to constantly striving to develop and honor its personality, ideals, ways of living, and even learning to be alone."

Pisces: Fish, especially salmon

alternate zodiac symbols

Pisces is the sign of the twin fish swimming in two directions, so this checks out. But since this water sign can get swept up with the currents, there's definitely fish energy to avoid, and fish energy to channel.

"Pisces needs to be careful not to be caught up in addictive behaviors such as we see on schools of fish," says Dr. Williams. "Or be aggressive and emotionally lethal as piranhas. The best fish to be is salmon, because it connects Pisces energy with the need and the capability of living because of a life purpose. This brings its inner force and drive to surface. Salmons are known to be extremely resilient in order to reproduce and maintain the species."

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