The 10-Minute Toning Workout Buzzy Trainer Amanda Kloots Swears By

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Rising fitness rockstar Amanda Kloots has figured out a pretty genius way to combine her two fave childhood activities (dancing and jumping rope) into one high-energy, total-body workout meant to make you feel the burn while having fun at the same time.

Her ultimate goal (other than helping her clients get their heart pumping)? “I want people to walk out the door smiling," she says. "Working out is for learning about your body, how you can change it and connect with it, and having a good time while you do.”

"Working out is for learning about your body, how you can change it and connect with it, and having a good time while you do."

Lately, Kloots has been spreading her sweaty gospel outside of her waitlist only classes in New York City: This past summer, she launched her first three streaming exercise videos, and she's now posting condensed versions of her signature cardio sessions via daily 10-minute stories on her Instagram feed. Taking her kick-butt, do-anywhere workouts online has allowed her growing fitfam (it's a far-flung squad from Texas to Australia and Paris) to tone at home. But in between growing her boutique fitness empire and getting married (congrats!), Kloots made time to create a custom, 10-minute workout for Well+Good.

So, grab a rope (any jump rope will do, says Kloots) and scroll down for a quick, totally fun twist on head-to-toe toning.

Each move is based on a number of reps, not time—but if you finish way before 10 minutes is up, you're going too fast. Focus on pushing and pulling the rope slowly (“Think about moving through mud as you do the moves,” says Kloots) to net the most sculpting benefits.

Move 1: v bend

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and knees slightly bent, holding a folded jump rope taut between both hands overhead so your arms make a V. Keeping your arms straight, bend at the waist to the right, then return to start. Repeat 8 times. Then, do the entire sequence on the opposite side.

Move 2: pull press

Extend your arms at chest height in front of you, keeping the rope taut. Bend your elbows to pull the rope to your chest, squeezing your shoulder blades together. Then, push back to start. Repeat 8 times.

Move 3: bent-over row

Stand with your feet wider than shoulder-width apart and hinge forward at your hips until your torso is nearly parallel to the floor. Extend both arms toward the floor, keeping the rope taut between them. Bend your elbows to raise the rope toward your chest, then lower back to start. Repeat 8 times.

Move 4: jump, jump, squat

Lay the rope on the floor and stand on one side of it, squeezing your inner thighs and glutes. Keeping your legs together, jump back and forth over it 16 times. Next, standing with the rope on your right, step your right foot over it and lower to a squat, then return to start; do 8 reps. Repeat jumps and squats on the opposite side. Then, go through the entire sequence again.

Move 5: total-body finisher

Sit on the floor and hold your folded rope taut. Bend your knees in to your chest and hold your rope against your shins; pull your elbows in to the sides of your waist so your body forms a tight ball. Roll back, staying in a ball, then roll up and extend your arms overhead and your legs up in front of you so your body forms a V. Repeat 8 times, take a breather, then do 8 more.

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