5 Best Workout Videos From New ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Competitor Amanda Kloots

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Dancing With the Stars, or DWTS if you know what's what, just revealed an all-star cast for season 30. The list of familiar faces includes Amanda Kloots, a former host of the Well+Good YouTube series Trainer of the Month Club.

Kloots got her start on Broadway as a dancer before eventually landing with the iconic Radio City Rockettes. Since then, she's combined her knack for dance and love for exercise by building a popular fitness brand. Her first class for focused on jumping rope, which eventually expanded into dance cardio, before finally growing into a full-fledged digital fitness platform.

Now, in-between leading fitness classes and co-hosting The Talk on CBS, Kloots is stepping into ballroom for the upcoming season of DWTS. "This is a dream come true!" she wrote in a recent Instagram post. "I’ve never done ballroom and really never been partnered. But in the spirit of living my life I am beyond excited to get on the dance floor, do something new and try!"

We can't wait to watch Kloots tango, salsa, and foxtrot her way through the season. In the meantime, we'll be rehearsing our own moves with the workouts below.

How to get ballroom-ready like DWTS cast member Amanda Kloots

1. Beginner dancer cardio

Don't worry, you don't need to be a Rockette to do this workout. Follow along as Kloots walks through five easy moves designed to elevate your heart rate without overdoing it, like three-step turns, criss-cross jumps, and leg kicks.

2. Jump rope workout

Tired of treadmills and HIIT workouts? Your blood is sure to start pumping with a jump rope. Get ready to sweat as Kloots leads you through three rounds of intense moves all designed to "torch and tone" all-over muscles.

3. 10-minute full body workout

If you're short on time still aching to break a sweat, this 10-minute full body workout is a solid bet. Kloots combines classic exercises like jumping jacks and twists with not-so-traditional moves, like shoulder rolls and toe taps, for a cardio-infused work out. You can do it just using your bodyweight or add in small weights for an extra challenge.

4. Advanced dance cardio

Think you have what it takes to compete on DWTS? Start by trying out this advanced dance cardio workout that takes your traditional full body exercise routine and kicks it up a notch. Expect to tone and challenge all your muscles, including abs, glutes, and thighs.

5. Toning jump rope workout

If you just can't get enough jump rope, add this toning workout into your fitness regimen. Watch as Kloots walks you through fast-paced moves, all involving the rope. Your muscles, especially your arms, back, and abs, are sure to feel the burn as you go along.

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