How Amanda Kloots Stays Healthy When She Travels

Photo: Amanda Kloots

When Amanda Kloots is at home in New York City, the Radio City Rockette turned in-demand fitness instructor is a health-minded creature of habit. She follows a mostly plant-based diet that’s heavy on the fruits and veggies, and is always on the move teaching her three regularly waitlisted classes at Studio B (The Rope, The Dance, and the newly debuted The Body). But Kloots also loves traveling, which means that fitness-focused, veg-filled routine gets disrupted.

“It’s very hard to keep your lifestyle intact when you’re traveling,” she says. “I love eating plant-based, but in some parts of the world, you just can’t find restaurants or cafés that cater to your diet. So I try to just go with the flow.” And despite being super active, Kloots is all about balance when she’s on the road. “If I’m traveling just for vacation—not to teach—fitness takes a backseat,” she says. “I really enjoy letting my body rest. I may work out a few times, but my main focus is to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate.”

Before your next trip, consider these health-minded travel hacks à la Amanda Kloots.

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Pack portable fitness tools

“I pack the AK! jump rope with me every time I travel,” Kloots says. “It’s the ultimate travel workout. I know that as long as I have my jump rope, I can work out anywhere, anytime.”

Photo: Jacob Smith Studios

Start your self-care on the plane

“If I’m flying, I need antibacterial wipes,” Kloots says. “I wipe down my seat and put Aquaphor under my nose to prevent germs from getting to me. As soon as I sit down, I put my headphones on and listen to music, which instantly calms my body and mind. Then I usually pass out, which helps me feel rested once I land. My other carry-on must-haves are a face mask, hand cream, compression tights, and lots of water.”

Photo: Amanda Kloots

Snack smart

“I tend to get very bloated when I fly, so I pack healthy snacks like an orange, veggies, or my favorite Sakara meal,” Kloots says. “If I eat packaged foods like chips, bars, or plane food, the sodium makes me bloat. The Sakara beauty water droplets are great, too, because I can add them to my water on the plane and the silica and trace minerals help keep me hydrated during the flight.”

Photo: Amanda Kloots

Eat the pasta

“I do my best to keep eating fruits and vegetables when I travel,” Kloots says. “I know by looking at certain foods if they’re healthy for my body or not. But I also think it’s important to eat in moderation. So if I’m in Italy and I see some amazing pasta, I’m going to eat it. Life’s too short.”

Photo: Amanda Kloots

Set yourself up for post-vacation success

“If I’m just going on vacation, I want to feel completely rejuvenated after,” Kloots says. “If I’m traveling for work, I want to feel like I did my best, worked hard, and completed a goal.”

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