Grab a Jump Rope—This Total-Body Toning Workout Is Fun *and* Effective

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Welcome to the second workout of Week Two of Well+Good’s (Re)New Year Challenge! For this one, Amanda Kloots—founder of The Rope and The Dance—is serving up a routine that’ll give your whole body some love (and get you breathless in the process). The best part? Her use of a jump rope, which she credits with toning her from head to toe since she started working out with one in early 2016.

“Rope is a no-excuses piece of exercise equipment that tones your entire body,” says Kloots. “What I love about [it] is that you can do it anywhere. I jump rope live on Instagram every day for 10 minutes. In my apartment, I shove my couch over."

She’s seen the biggest shift in her body since she started jumping rope every day. According to Kloots, not only does she have a stronger core, she's also developed toned arms and an overall smaller physique.

But skipping isn't the only way to reap major benefits from  a jump rope. Below, Kloots shows you how to use one in unconventional ways to get OMG-worthy results.

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Hit the rope!

The focus of this workout is on cardio conditioning and toning—primarily your arms. For it, you'll need some space in your home to get sweaty and a jump rope (though a towel will work, too). Do 3 sets, performing each move for 1 minute before moving directly on to the next. If the move has a right and left side, do each side for 30 seconds. Rest 1 minute in between sets.

1. Rope twist

Start with feet and hands at shoulder-width distance, holding jump rope (folded in half ) at both ends, with arms extended in front of shoulders. Maintain tension on jump rope the entire time. Put weight into the balls of your feet and take one step to the side with your left leg (keeping it straight), while swiveling both your knees to the right (maintaining a slight bend in your right knee). Mirror the motion with your arms, extending your left arm straight to the left side while bending your right elbow to keep the tension. Simultaneously twist your torso toward the right. Return to start. Continue, making movement fluid, for 30 seconds; repeat on opposite side.

2. Bicep pulls

Stand with feet at shoulder-width distance, holding jump rope (folded in half) at both ends so it's taut between your hands. Hinge forward at the hips, creating a flat back, and extend arms directly below chest. Pull rope up to chest, squeezing elbows toward your back at 90-degree angles, then return to bottom position. Repeat for 60 seconds.

3. Triceps torcher

Stand with feet at shoulder-width distance, holding jump rope (folded in half) at both ends and taut between your hands, which should be behind your back near glutes. Hinge forward at the hips, creating a flat back. Lift rope up six inches, keeping straight arms. Return to bottom position; repeat for 60 seconds.

4. Stronger jacks

Stand with feet together. Hold jump rope (folded in half) at both ends and taut between your hands at chest height, elbows bent next to ribs. Simultaneously jump both feet out past your shoulders while lifting arms directly overhead, maintaining tension on the jump rope. Jump back to start. Repeat for 60 seconds.

5. Knees to the sky

Stand with feet together holding jump rope at both ends, folded in half, directly overhead, arms extended and rope taut. Start performing high knees (while keeping arms up) by bringing one knee up to hip height, then switching. Repeat for 60 seconds.

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