I Visited One of the Most Beautiful Resorts That Tops Bucket Lists Around the World (And Costs $4,800 a Night)—Here Are My Honest Thoughts on Amangiri (and Camp Sarika)

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There are luxury resorts...and then there’s Amangiri. The desert oasis tops many luxury wellness travelers' bucket lists, and it’s easy to understand why. The first time I heard about the resort, stumbling upon a picture of it years ago, I was in awe. Located in Canyon Point, Utah (on the Arizona border), the architecture perfectly blends into the environment that surrounds it, becoming almost like an art installation. Reddish-brown canyons surround the property, and as the sun sets, colors ignite the sky—soft pinks and dusky blues before orange descends, and with it, darkness and the brightest stars you’ll see.

Part of the Aman group, which is known for luxury and big staffs to small guest numbers—the privacy it affords attracts countless notable names (not that its staff will name drop...discretion is part of its luxury experience, after all)—Amangiri is sort of the crown jewel of the company's real estate portfolio. If you know of Aman, you know of Amangiri. Which is why when I got the chance to visit, I jumped at it. Would it be everything I imagined? Is it worth the (hefty) price tag? And is it the most picturesque place you can dream of staying? Those are just a few of the questions I was mulling over as I made my way to the resort.

Amangiri Lobby
Photo: Amangiri

Arriving at Amangiri

Most people land at Page Municipal Airport, then drive or get picked up by Amangiri staff to get to the resort 30 minutes away, which is set on 600 acres of land. When I arrived, the sun was just setting, and the canyons and rock formations looked like they were set ablaze. I kept contorting my body to see the expansiveness from my SUV’s window, though I knew it was just a glimpse into the reality of the property. Once we arrived and got out, the beauty hit—wooden beams, huge concrete structures, and perfectly placed cut-outs that created vignettes of the landscape, making them look like paintings. Yep, it was seemingly already worth it.

Greeted with tea and hot towels, we were told of the property and the history of the land, citing and crediting local Native American tribes, in particular the Navajo people. (Amangiri works with many tribe members to offer cultural programming and education, including hoop dancing performances, storytelling, and more.) From there, we were taken on a tour of the property, and then led to our rooms.

Camp Sarika Amangiri Room
Photo: Amangiri

Settling in to Camp Sarika

Newer to the property is Camp Sarika, a 600-square outpost that is sort of like glamping—except it’s real, solidly built pavilions that somehow feel a part of the resort as a whole, but also very much like their own thing. Topped with sloping canvas that evoke a tent-like feel, there are 10 pavilions in total, and the camp has its own restaurant and lobby that is separate from the main property. (You also get your own little decked-out golf cart to drive around in.) With your pavilion comes access to all the goodies—your own private plunge pool, an outdoor seating area to drink a glass of wine and admire the stars, a telescope for even more admiration, and an outdoor shower that truly immerses you in the environment.

But it’s also the little touches that make it feel extra special, thoughtful, and the height of luxury. Binoculars, a bag for exploring, salts and soaps specially for your bath, a basket for laundry that can get sent out each night, and a little gift every night that harkens back to the heritage of the site, from Navajo Tea (with an introduction to the plant used for it) to marbles that are a memento of the artist who created an art piece in the lobby.

At the Restaurant, you can dine on cuisine inspired by the landscape, with locally-sourced produce and meats. Head to the pool, separate from the Amangiri pool, to lounge on a daybed and take in the massive red rocks that surround the property. Of course, you’re only a short drive away from the main property and can dine and lounge there as well, as much or as little as you wish.

Amangiri Spa
Photo: Amangiri

You may come for the views, but you're really staying for the spa

One of the most important areas is the spa. It’s a mix of one-off rooms that are congregated together with a pathway that overlooks more beautiful architecture and water features, like a plunge pool and heated step pool. It is, like many things at this resort, sort of integrated into the overall feel—it’s not just an area with a bunch of treatment rooms. It’s part of the resort (and clocks in at 25,000 square feet). There’s also a smaller, two-treatment room area at Camp Sarika for those staying there looking for a closer, or more intimate, experience (though not all the therapies are offered).

They offer therapies like massages, facials, body polishes, and more, often with elements of nature and Navajo healing elements. If you’re feeling super luxurious, you can opt into one of the journeys, which combine separate therapies into one experience. I got to experience the three-hour Grounding Journey ($750), which included a body polish and wrap, followed by a massage and facial—with elements of earth. I felt extremely at peace leaving the spa hours later (who wouldn’t?), but the special, intimate experience was truly one of a kind (I love a spa, so this was a big one for me).

One of the most inexpensive (and popular) spa treatments is the 60-minute personalized massage ($250) and certainly the most luxe treatment is the full-day Movement Journey, which includes guided movement sessions, outdoor adventure, spa treatments, and a dinner at end the day ($2,675 for two people). Everyone who stays has access to the spa amenities, including the steam room, sauna, and so forth. (Hot tip: They also have Aman Skincare now, so you can replicate parts of the experience at home. I can say that I went through a jar of the Nourishing Sacred Heart Balm in no time flat, which is sort of a mix between a lotion and an oil, and smells incredible.)

Reddish-brown canyons surround the property, and as the sun sets, colors ignite the sky—soft pinks and dusky blues before orange descends, and with it, darkness and the brightest stars you’ll see.

The extras that make Amangiri and Camp Sarika worth every penny

If you want to stoke your sense of wonder, Amangiri is the place. Every day I awoke to truly some of the most incredible sunrises, and though I’m not a morning person, I couldn’t wait to get outside and see it all. Or rather, see nothing—just the beauty of open air, thousands of square miles of untouched scenery, and the vastness of the sky. At night, you can watch the sun set, then create a fire (or head to either of the restaurants or lobbies on property) and watch the stars move across the sky; yes move. I had never seen so many shooting stars.

If you’re feeling very adventurous, you can travel out on the 12 miles of designated trails. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, the property just opened the newest part of the Via Ferrata experience in 2021, which is not for the faint of heart. Set at times 400 feet above the ground, the Via Ferrata is a series of cables and ladder rungs that will absolutely immerse you in the rocks and give you a view of a lifetime (on what just may be a feat of a lifetime).

Also around are slot canyons. And Amangiri can coordinate tours—my group’s tour was with Adventurous Antelope Canyon Tour, and I can’t say enough good things about it and our guide Joseph Secody, who took us to more canyons than the super-trafficked Antelope Canyon, and also took amazing photos, told us the best stories, and was just generally a highlight of the trip. You can also go on a boat on Lake Powell, explore the terrain on horseback, or Amangiri's staff can set you up with custom itineraries to explore the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, or Zion National Park by foot, car, or even by air.

Camp Sarika
Courtesy Amangiri

Final thoughts on Amangiri and Camp Sarika

Amangiri and Camp Sarika make you feel worlds away. As someone who came from humble beginnings, seeing and experiencing this luxurious escape was nothing short of a transformative experience. And if you are so fortunate that you have the means to make it happen—at least once in your life—I absolutely recommend doing so. I left Amangiri and Camp Sarika renewed, my soul lifted, and grateful to have experienced it all.

Nightly rates start at $4,800 (plus taxes and service charge) in the low season and $5,600 (plus taxes and service charge) in the high season at Amangiri and Camp Sarika. You can book at Amangiri.com.

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