Convenient or Creepy? Amazon’s New Delivery Service Goes *Inside* Your Healthy Home

Photo: Amazon

Amazon doesn't just want to get things to your healthy home in lightning speed—now it also wants to get inside your Zen den. (Maybe even a tiny dwelling it sold you in the first place.) While this advent totally offers convenience—since tubs of protein can't fit in a mailbox and tinctures can't unlock doors themselves—is it as creepy and, like, seemingly unsafe as is it sounds?

Starting November 8, the online retailer's new service for Prime members, Amazon Key, will work alongside Cloud Cam and a compatible smart lock (the entire system is $250) in 37 states to let couriers provide a true home delivery. After scanning the package, Amazon's cloud unlocks the door for the goods to be placed inside, preferably without the delivery person actually stepping in. (So, no, it doesn't sound like a service for Amazon actually stocking your fridge with Whole Foods produce is in the works at this time.)

After scanning the package, Amazon's cloud unlocks the door for the goods to be placed inside, preferably without the courier actually stepping in.

Still, safety is a totally reasonable concern: The main security feature of Amazon Key is that the Cloud Cam records the entire service, allowing the customer to view the process, right from their phone, as well as review the footage later on.

Whether you're an Amazon Key fan (because it means your orders are less likely to be stolen or rained on) or you're not so into it (because you'd rather not let a stranger inside your home), this does seem to be the direction technology is headed: Walmart, for instance, is testing a program for delivering groceries and even stocking your fridge when you're not home.

While Amazon isn't there quite yet, Key is geared for more than just packages: It's a great way to let in your dog walker and other home-services professionals, for instance. So, are you ready to help Amazon help you?

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