Maybe She’s Born With It…or Maybe She’s Rocking an Amber Stone for Mega-Watt Confidence

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If I could have any superpower, it would be the ability to conjure up Beyoncé vibes at a moment's notice—you know, that wildly self-assured, boss-like energy that completely takes over whatever space she's inhabiting. While I'm not quite there yet, I do know super-powerful people, like Adam Rippon and Bella Hadid, often turn to crystals in an effort to keep their auras extra sparkly. So I've decided to follow their lead and tap into amber healing properties, as the stone is said to bestow mega-watt confidence on whoever carries it.

Granted, there's zero scientific evidence to back up this idea. But metaphysical scholars think that amber's molecular vibration balances the third chakra, an invisible energy center above the navel that's associated with personal power, ambition, and courage. Even old-school civilizations knew what was up with amber, says Mariah K. Lyons, the crystal healer, herbalist, and Reiki master behind gemstone footwear line Astara. She notes that ancient Greek and Roman women would wear amber beads to amplify their fertility, while Vikings carried amber animal talismans with them into battle. (Who run the world? Exactly.)

What's special about amber is that it isn't a mineral crystal, like rose quartz, malachite, and others you may have in your collection. Instead, says Lyons, it's an organic gemstone—fossilized resin from 30- to 60-million-year-old trees in Mexico, Tanzania, and the Baltic region, to be exact. "Amber is a form of solidified sunlight, as it is created by the synthesis of light by trees," she explains. "It carries the vibration of life force held within the resin over thousands of years."

When a person's in the presence of amber, its fiery creative energy is thought to intermingle with their own, lighting them up and giving them the willpower to go after what they want. But that's just the beginning—like Queen Bey herself, this is a stone with more than one trick up its glittering golden sleeve.

amber healing properties
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Amber healing properties, explained

Before we talk about amber healing properties, it's important to note that no doctor would ever recommend using crystals alone in times of mental or physical illness. So if you're experiencing any health concerns, see a professional—and think of crystals more as a symbolic add-on that may compliment whatever course of treatment you're following.

Got it? Good. Now, on to the amber healing properties.

1. Amber is said to improve self-esteem and confidence. As mentioned before, amber's associated with the third, or solar plexus, chakra. "Amber is a wonderful ally for the solar plexus, helping fuel the fire and warmth within," says Lyons. It's believed to help if you're feeling unmotivated or afraid to take action, she adds, perhaps giving you the stamina to move forward "with strong personal will and a healthy, integrated sense of self." For best results, Lyons recommends meditating while holding a piece of amber or keeping it nearby during intention-setting or other manifestation practices.

2. It could help clear negative energy from your space. Lyons also suggests displaying chunks of amber in your home or office to keep the energy elevated. "Amber's a purifier of the emotional, physical, and spiritual planes, making it incredibly healing to the body and helping transmute any negativity into positive energy," she says. Translation: If you've got a co-worker who likes to stop by your desk to complain, or you're someone who entertains a lot at home, a little amber sunshine might go a long way for you.

3. Some people think it can help babies with teething pain—but there's a catch. Ever seen a little one rocking a string of amber beads around its neck or wrist? Some alternative healing experts believe that when amber is exposed to body heat, the stones release tiny amounts of succinic acid oil, which is said to enter a baby's bloodstream and soothe teething pain. The thing is, the FDA has ruled amber teething necklaces and bracelets a choking and strangulation hazard. Instead, the agency recommends sticking with safe, doctor-approved teething remedies, like gum massage or teething rings.

4. It's thought to help keep your body's systems humming.  Chi, prana, life-force: Whatever you want to call it, traditions like Ayurveda and Chinese medicine believe that there's an invisible sea of energy running through everyone and everything. Many crystals are believed to keep this energetic current flowing smoothly, and since amber is associated with heat and movement, it's counted among that cohort.

So how might this theoretically affect us? According to Lyons, amber is thought to help keep circulation and metabolism strong while aiding digestion—both physical digestion of food and energetic digestion of emotions. To get the most out of it, she advises wearing amber jewelry, as keeping it close will ensure its energy field intermingles with yours. And even if you don't feel any noticeable difference, at least it'll be a good aesthetic compliment for your gold hoops and chain bracelets.

Amber's not the only stone that's supposedly great for boss babes. Check out these crystals for abundance—and for promoting better sleep.

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