The Wellness Retreat You Can Get to in Two Hours From NYC

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The ideal vacay destination includes long stretches of sand, dreamy ocean vistas, and Instagram-scenic spots lightyears removed from your cubicle (obviously).

But a truly next-level one serves all that up with a wellness spin. That's the case with Amelia Island—the recharge haven known for Bali-level relaxation, just a swift two-hour flight from New York City. (And a total beacon for Zen-seekers from both coasts.)

With miles of pristine beaches, southern oaks draped with Spanish moss, and a range of luxe accommodations off the coast of Florida, it’s obvious why the barrier island is an ideal hideaway to swaddle yourself in a bathrobe and turn your stress level down to zero.

You can visit any month of the year, but if you're looking for a serious reset, hit it up November 9 to 11 for the annual Amelia Island Wellness Festival, a holistic retreat designed to refresh your mind, body, and spirit. Top-tier yoga gurus, heart-pumping workouts, moments of mindfulness, and culinary wow factor are all on the menu—all you have to do is check into The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island.

Scroll down for 3 ways the gorgeous island wellness fest will leave you totally restored.

Amelia Island Wellness Festival

Meet the yoga idols who inspire you to limber up

A yoga retreat is the undistracted time you need to finally nail dancer's pose—and doing it under the guidance of respected wellness experts could be the factor that makes it happen. Plus, your festival pass gets you access to two tracks of classesgentle and vigorousso you can customize your weekend based on your own pace.

With a three-day pass, you can listen to a high-vibe keynote by trailblazer Gurudev Shri Amritji, the founder of the Amrit Yoga Institute, bliss out with MC YOGI during an energetic yoga practice followed by a dance party with beats by DJ SOL Rising. On another day, loosen up with a challenging yoga flow led by renowned teacher Tymi Howard and deepen your stretch with moving-energy expert Sonia Doubell.

Want a slightly more sculpting method? Miami barre queen Taylor Walker will also be on hand teaching her signature barre flow method, a blend of dance-inspired moves to stretch and tone muscles.

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Challenge your body and mind in a breathtaking setting

Need a major fix of vitamin D? Get your fill of invigorating asanas starting with sunrise yoga along the coast. For a full-body blast on the sand, sign up for the Alchemy 365 workout, which infuses yoga with intense conditioning. There are plenty of opportunities to chill out and sit in on a guided meditation (like with 10,000 Buddhas founder Amanda Giacomini).

If you venture out beyond the festival, score a full-body workout (without realizing it) with stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, or biking. Then wind down with a stroll through the historic district and seaport downtown.

That's the best part about the Amelia Island experience: You can totally curate it to your personal style and carve out time to hit the trails, catch up on your beach read, or grab a glass of wine. (Because this is vacay, after all.)

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Rejuvenating meals (that are the opposite of your sad desk salad)

The shortest route to bliss vibes is loading up on feel-good foods. At the festival, you can do just that with fresh fruit, hearty salads, and green smoothies right when you need them most.

After the bonfire welcome party (with snacks, of course), sit down for meals at The Ritz-Carlton, Amelia Island’s elevated eateries with locally grown produce, superfoods, and of course, fresh seafood. Plus, Walker (your fave barre pro) is even doing a collab with the in-house chef on nutrient-dense dishes.

In the hydration department, there are freshly squeezed juices and smoothies and mocktails (or cocktails, if you want) on hand. So the only question now is: Will you be too blissed-out to go to work on Monday?

In partnership with The Amelia Island Wellness Festival

Photos: Deremer Studios


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