Why America Ferrera Says to Embrace That “Awkward-Baby-Giraffe” Feeling When Trying Something New

Photo: Instagram/@americaferrera
Remember how shaky and awkward you felt walking into your very first yoga class? Or how afraid you were to sign up for your first 5K? Trying something new isn't easy, but America Ferrera isn't one to let the fear of failure get in the way of living her best life.

The actress and activist recently partnered with The North Face and Girl Scouts of the USA for their "Move Mountains" initiative in hopes of inspiring the next generation of female explorers to go after their dreams, no matter how sky-high they may seem. In Ferrera's mind, embracing that wobbly, I'm-going-to-vomit feeling as often as possible is the only way to get where you want to be.

"Starting something new can give you that awkward-baby-giraffe feeling," Ferrera says. "We tend to try to stay away from that discomfort...But failure is a part of the process, and you’re probably going to be pretty bad before you get good at something. Just accepting that that's part of the process whenever I’m attempting something new allows me to get past those initial barriers and get better at any given thing I enjoy."

According to Ferrera, cultivating a healthy relationship with the feeling of failure has helped her achieve great things. She says she used to hate running, and now she's beasting Olympic-distance triathlons. And she not only stars in the hit show Superstore, she's its executive producer and directed her first episode last January. That's why, she says, if she could give advice to girls—and women!—everywhere, it would be to stay curious and open to new things; you never know where it will lead you.

"How can I adventure and explore more than I already have?" —America Ferrera

"Curiosity is natural to everyone, but I think as young women, we don’t often get to see examples of all the incredible things women are out there doing," Ferrera says. "Seeing what’s possible for you as a young woman is so important because it could widen your path and imagination for what you might be able to accomplish...I’m pretty grown-up, but you can’t help but feel so deeply inspired by seeing women doing incredible things and thinking, 'How does that translate to my life and how can I adventure and explore more than I already have?'"

So keep an open mind, boot fear out the door, and go for something you've always wanted to do—whether it's climbing a mountain or starting your own business.

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