4 Wellness-Approved Reasons You Should Go to Art Basel Miami This Year

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If you notice an influx of Instagram photos from Miami every December, it’s likely due to Art Basel—the full-blown extravaganza in which leaders from the contemporary art world descend upon South Beach for four days filled with enough Insta-inspiration to last an entire year.

“Officially, it's a best-of-the-best showcase from the world’s most exciting galleries," says Alexa Wolman, a philanthropist, art lover, and board member of the Pérez Art Museum Miami.  "But a big draw is the level of spectacular fashion-oriented parties, various surrounding art fairs, and the museums with special programming for the week.”

"It's buffet of eye candy for contemporary art lovers."

If it sounds like a huge party, that’s because, well, it is. But as wellness continues to influence more and more facets of life, the famed art festival has begun to show its healthy side, too.

In the midst of all the late-night events (and, in Wolman's words, “buffet of eye candy for contemporary art lovers"), good-for-you moments have started to pop up—which is why it's time for you to experience it yourself.

Keep reading for four reasons why Art Basel is a must-visit destination this year for wellness obsessives.

Photo: Stocksy/Aila

1. Experiencing art is good for you

Some studies have shown that viewing art could help reduce stress and boost creativity. “It's kind of its own form of meditation,” Wolman says. “You can literally lose yourself walking from piece to piece, examining it, thinking about it, and stimulating a different part of your brain.”

“It's kind of its own form of meditation."

And because of Art Basel's setup—the main portion takes place in the massive Miami Beach Convention Center—you’ll be doing a lot of walking, which is a bonus for your step counter.

Photo: Stocksy/Cara Dolan

2. Working out at Art Basel just got easier

Outside of the official festival, there are opportunities to work up a sweat. One not to miss? The American Express Platinum House, an experiential destination with VIP experiences exclusively open to American Express Platinum Card® and Centurion® Members, which is popping up surf-side at the Miami Beach EDITION hotel (you might have seen it on Instagram first appearing at Coachella).

Here's the best part: Team Well+Good will be on deck. American Express is bringing the buzzy concerts and drool-worthy dinners—and Well+Good is bringing the heart-pumping workouts.

Well+Good is bringing heart-pumping workouts to The American Express Platinum House.

And we're tapping Miami's top fitness instructors: Christa DiPaolo (for her sought-after boxing workouts at Equinox called The Cut), health coach and fitness model Taylor Walker (for a restorative barre flow that'll reset any damage from the night before), and Janet Jones, the founder of the Vixen Workout (for dance cardio sessions complete with backup dancers to demonstrate each move). Consider it the key to supercharging your weekend.

Photo: Stocksy/Kristen Curette-Hines

3. It's a chance to hit up Miami's healthy spots

Even though Miami has a bustling nightlife culture (and seemingly never-ending pours of mojitos), there's a thriving wellness community. Wolman recommends Innergy, a new mediation studio, to take a break and reflect on all the art you’ve been checking out. Then grab a juice at Dr Smood or Jugofresh, which Wolman swears by  "to rehydrate and heal."

Photo: Stocksy/Maja Topcagic

4. You can get a dose of much-needed vitamin D

If you live anywhere with hardcore winters, this one is a given. And South Beach's expansive sun-bathing spots and gorgeous art-deco architecture (made for a leisurely sightseeing stroll) are the perfect antidote to cold-weather blues.

“Amidst all the craziness, you can take a breather," says Wolman, putting it this way: “South Beach in December? Nothing's better than that!”

Grab tickets now for Well+Good's workouts (proceeds go to hurricane relief efforts via The Miami Foundation!). 

In partnership with American Express Platinum

Top photo: Stocksy/Jovo Jovanovic

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