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How a Shy Mom Overcame Anxiety to Become a Sought-After Yogi


We’re on a mission to recognize the fitness instructors who don't just look great on Instagram—but actually inspire us to be better. So together with Reebok, we asked you to nominate trainers for the first-ever America’s Most Inspiring Trainer title. After nearly 5,000 entries, we’ve narrowed down the pool to 12 amazing finalists—and now it’s time for you to choose a winner! Learn more about Bri Jackson below, and cast your vote by December 23. 

Bri Jackson, Hyde Park, New York

Personal Trainer, RYT 200, and Founder of

Her Mantras

“Take back your health one meal, one movement, and one meditation at a time," and “I am ready to live and learn through love," from Gabrielle Bernstein.

Her Power Jams

“Where Are U Now” - Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber

Her Story

"I was diagnosed with social anxiety and depression in middle school and that sort of spiraled into a distorted relationship with food, body image, and movement," Jackson explains. "A large portion of my personal fitness journey has been working through those challenges and learning to practice balance, moderation, and self-love."

After her third pregnancy, which involved an emergency C-section and weight gain that brought her to 225 pounds, Jackson turned to meditation and fitness.

Initially too shy to workout at gym, she downloaded a walking app and set a goal to walk three miles each day with her kids, gradually moving up to a women-only gym and group classes. With the support of a great instructor, she was able to lose more than 90 pounds in 11 months—but she was still struggling with anxiety.

"That led me to study fitness from a more holistic perspective and really get in tune with the idea that we have the power to heal," Jackson says. "Today I am a certified personal trainer. I went from not being able to walk in to a room with my head up to teaching and working with large groups of both men and women—and that is an amazing feeling."

Her Inspiring Mission

"I always tell my students and clients that instead of falling in love with fitness, they should strive to fall in love with what fitness does for their lives and health," she says. "I want to help people get in touch with those deeper reasons to eat well, meditate, and move often. Better than telling others what to do is to do it with them."

The winner of America’s Most Inspiring Trainer will score an exclusive one-year contract with Reebok and major coverage on Well+Good. Cast your vote now!

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