The Barry’s Instructor Who Turned Her Father’s Battle With ALS Into an Inspiring Mission

We want to recognize the fitness instructors who don’t just look great on Instagram—but actually inspire us to be better. So together with ReebokONE, we asked you to nominate trainers for the second annual America’s Most Inspiring Trainer search. After over a thousand amazing stories, we’ve narrowed it down to 12 finalists—which means it’s time for you to choose a winner! Learn more about Christina Muccio below, and cast your vote by November 26.

Christina Muccio, Boston, Massachusetts

Coach at Barry’s Bootcamp Boston, instructor at B/SPOKE, and personal trainer and online coach

Her favorite post-workout smoothie

Peanut butter, collagen protein, cashew milk, berries, spinach, and ice. It’s basically a liquid PB&J, and I’m definitely ok with that.

What inspired you to become a trainer?

You have one body. One place for your personality, charisma, humor, love, laughter, everything to live. So why the heck wouldn’t you take care of that place? I recognized after watching my father battle ALS for 10 years, that your health is a privilege and that alone motivates me to spread knowledge on health.

"You have one body. One place for your personality, charisma, humor, love, laughter, everything to live."

Most of us wake up with the ability to walk and talk every day—some don’t. I was inspired to encourage those around me to take care of that beautiful body. It's our machine, and truly our only way to experience life.

What's your fitness philosophy?

Every session, every class, every chance I can, I give you 110 percent in hopes that you give yourself the same. The second you let your excuses and doubts go is the second you can surprise yourself.

What's your favorite success story as a personal trainer?

I had a friend who hadn’t been on a bike since she was in elementary school ride alongside me on a 270 mile bike ride to raise awareness for ALS. In that moment before climbing a 13 grade hill, watching my friend’s face turn from fear to determination because we are lucky enough to have the ability to do it, that’s magic.

The winner of America’s Most Inspiring Trainer will score a one-year contract with Reebok and major coverage on Well+Good. Cast your vote now!

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Photo: Paige Kane

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