4 Things Amethyst Is Good for—Other Than Looking Pretty in Instagram Posts

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When it comes to crystals, amethyst, a type of quartz (yes, as in the Instagrammable rose quartz), is one of these photogenic and ubiquitous ones. Its popularity, however, isn't just about its ultraviolet hue. The crystal has been referred to as a spa day in a stone—with a reputation like that who wouldn't want to incorporate amethyst in their life?

As a common crystal, you've likely seen it occupying prime real estate on your office mate's desk or noticed it in beautiful pieces of jewelry. The stone is also the birthstone of February babies (alongside bloodstone) so it tends to draw an especially strong attraction from Aquariuses and Pisces, according to Heather Askinosie, crystal expert and co-founder of Energy Muse. Generally speaking, "amethyst brings peace to your life. It clears your mind of stress and worry so you can connect to your inner peace in a moment of quiet, even on the busiest of days," Askinosie says.

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Here are 4 more amethyst healing properties that make it a crystal worth carrying

1. It facilitates peaceful sleep

"As a calming crystal, amethyst guides you toward relaxation and restful sleep," Askinosie tells me. If you regularly suffer from restless sleep or find it difficult to fall asleep, you should place the crystal in your bedroom (on your nightstand, perhaps).

2. it helps with intuition and communication

"Because of its purple color, amethyst is connected to the sixth chakra, located just above the center of your brows," Askinosie says, adding that, "amethyst connects with this energy center to strengthen your inner knowing and intuition, as well as clear your mind of negative or toxic thoughts."

Amethyst is purported to enhance the occurrence of insightfulness, problem-solving ability, and balance the mind because of the ultraviolet crystal's connection to the third eye. In doing so, the crystal brings forth a type of clarity that can give you a better understanding of the situations in your life that might be causing you stress and how they're doing so.

3. It creates chill vibes

Amethyst also goes by the nickname, "the intuitive eye," according to Askinosie. According to the crystal expert, amethyst interacts with the third eye chakra in a way that facilitates relaxation and peacefulness in the areas of your body and mind where it's needed the most. This is amplified if you thoughtfully place the crystal in certain rooms and areas to create a general vibe of harmony and relaxation.

4. It helps with reflective meditation

Because of amethyst's insight-promoting properties, it's a useful crystal for meditation. It can help you intuitively find answers you're searching for, understand the motivation behind your own behaviors and actions better, and help you better understand the people around you.

How to get the most out of your amethyst

1. Keep a cluster at your office desk

Amethyst is relaxing, clarity boosting, and overall great for manifesting a chill environment which makes it a no brainer for workplace decor. Keep a cluster on your desk and maybe you'll be able to create the most soothing office vibes ever.

2. Put one in your bedroom

"Placing an amethyst crystal by your bed infuses your bedroom with its peaceful and calming energy so you can sleep soundly," says Askinosie. If you're looking to make your bedroom and your snooze time the most serene, try placing a crystal under your pillow.

3. Wear amethyst jewelry

Whether it's your birthstone or not, "wearing Amethyst jewelry is the best way to connect with your intuition or find peace" continually and on a day to day basis, Askinosie says.

3. Place it on your third eye chakra

"One of the most powerful ways to connect with Amethyst is by placing it to your third eye chakra," Askinosie says, adding, "whether you are looking for strengthened intuition, a moment of peace and quiet, or a calming energy before sleep, touching Amethyst to your third eye chakra clears your mind to help you relax your mind, body, and spirit."

4. Use it in skincare tool

Amethyst face rollers have recently become the skin care tool du jour. Their purported benefits include relaxing the nervous system, helping with hormonal imbalances, calm inflammation, and helping with a good night of sleep.

Originally published March 4, 2019; updated November 11, 2020.

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