Amy Schumer Just Quietly Married a James Beard Award–Winning Chef

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Between doing stand-up comedy tours, starring in what seems like an endless stream of movies, and writing books, Amy Schumer somehow found time to quietly marry James Beard Award–winning chef Chris Fischer this Tuesday in Malibu, People reports.

The newlyweds are already a bona fide healthy power couple: Schumer is preparing for the release of I Feel Pretty, a flick about a woman who becomes uncharacteristically confident after sustaining a SoulCycle-related injury, and her new hubby's local-food-focused restaurant, Beach Plum, is a favorite of the Obamas, who are mainstay healthy-relationship role models.

Fischer lives on the Martha's Vineyard farm where he grew up, a location that became the inspiration for his James Beard Award–winning cookbook, Beetlebung Farm Cookbook. Sounds like Schumer might be in store for new gourmet juice recipes to shake up her healthy morning habit, huh?

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Schumer revealed news of the wedding today via Instagram with a follow-up post iterating that she did not get married because she's pregnant, and, more importantly, that in lieu of wedding gifts, she'd prefer donations be made to Everytown, an initiative to combat gun violence.

Considering the duo tied the knot on Galentine's Day (arguably more important than the day it precedes), it's safe to say the pair is set to enjoy many more days celebrating friendship and companionship.

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