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I’ve Tested Hundreds of Concealers, and This One Has Replaced Them All

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At any given time, I have three concealers on hand: One for covering my acne scars, one for my under eyes, and one for highlighting. I've always believed that there was no such thing as a product that could serve all of these purposes at the same time, but the launch of Anastasia Beverly Hills' Magic Touch Concealer ($29) has proven me wrong.


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Because concealer is meant to well, conceal, it's the primary product most of us turn to for masking blemishes and evening out skin tone. This, of course, means that the most important element in any formula is the coverage it offers—and this one truly delivers. It's ultra buildable, moving from medium to full coverage as you layer on more product. No matter how much of the stuff you put on, though, you're still left with a creamy finish that doesn't cake or crease throughout the day—and it actually feels like your skin.

Because of its natural look, this Anastasia Beverly Hills concealer works just as well as a highlighter as it does an actual concealer. No matter where you put it, it blends easily into your complexion to trick people into thinking you aren't wearing any product at all. The reason? It's made with amino acid-coated pigments that adhere immediately into your skin, plus light-reflecting ingredients that deliver what the brand calls a "soft-focus" effect. It's also got hydrating ingredients in the mix, which give it its smooth finish while also nourishing the skin.

This "magic" concealer has become a staple in my beauty bag since it launched back in September, and is truly a triple-threat that meets all of my concealing needs. I use it under my eyes to cover dark circles, on top of old acne scarring to help make my complexion look more even, and on my nose, brow bone, and cupids bow as a highlighter. Usually, I'd need three different shades to meet each of these individual needs, but because the formula blends so seamlessly into my skin, it's able to do it all. Magic, indeed.

Doing makeup for Zoom? Concealer is a must-have. Check out the video below to learn how to use it as a means of looking more awake on-screen. 

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Our editors independently select these products. Making a purchase through our links may earn Well+Good a commission.

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