Angel Number 1 Holds the Power of ‘Instant Manifestation’—Here’s How To Harness the Opportunity

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Angel numbers are numbers or sequences of numbers that are said to be a sign from the universe. So, if you’ve ever noticed that you keep seeing iterations of 1111 or 222 every which way you turn, whether you’re looking at the date, time, your GPS ETA, or the total on a receipt, the universe could very well be sending you a message.

While angel numbers are typically thought to be triple- or quadruple-digit numbers, like 444 or 1234, the individual numbers within them also come with their own meanings, which are then amplified by repetition and/or sequence. With that in mind, today we’re here to break down the meaning of angel number 1. Keep reading to learn more.

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What does angel number 1 mean?

The number 1 is the very first number of all numbers (unless you count 0 as its own entity, that is). As the initial number of all numbers, numerologist Joy Woodward, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology, says that the angel number's  meaning is rooted in new beginnings. “The number one symbolizes that it’s time to take action,” she says.

Numerologist, astrologist, and tarot reader Vannessa Williams of Beyond Your Sun Sign tacks onto this, noting that angel number 1 also emphasizes the importance of focusing on yourself. Astrologist, stylist, and writer, Jacquelyn Tierney, agrees, pointing out that seeing the angel number 1 should be seen as an encouragement to embrace new opportunities, plant new seeds, and take new actions.

“Exercise your leadership, independence, originality, and ingenuity,” Woodward adds. And if you’re nervous to do so, just think of all the times you’ve seen the number 1 pop up randomly around you. “Move forward with divine guidance,” Woodward encourages.

How To Embrace Angel Number 1

When embarking on a new path, project, or new goal with angel number 1 in mind, Woodward says to try to be as positive as possible. “[Angel number 1] holds the power for instant manifestation,” she reveals, noting that if your thoughts are negative, you could unintentionally welcome not-so-great things to happen in your life.

While on the topic of negativity, Tierney points out that angel number 1, while often lauded for its positive vibrations, has a dark side, too. “The lower vibration of the number one can be interpreted as selfish, isolating, and narrow focused,” she warns. As such, if you embrace the signs from the universe and take angel number 1 to heart, don’t be surprised if some people interpret your self-love and devotion as self-centered. At the same time, though, make sure to not let a positive sign from the universe tailspin you into a self-absorbed quest. It’s all about balance.

What To Do if You See the Number 1 Repeatedly

If you repeatedly see the number 1 (and repetitions of it) pop up in your daily life, take it as a sign from above and proceed accordingly. “The number one asks us to explore our relationship with the self: Who am I and who am I becoming?” Tierney shares. “The number eleven speaks to our relationship with others: Who am I in relationship to the community? How can I consider the collective?”

Notice how Tierney says there’s not only an emphasis on self but how you can use your own talents and abilities to help the collective. According to Woodward, the number 11 is a master number. Specifically, she says that it’s the “Master of Illumination, the inspirational messenger, the number of light; one who raises consciousness; the reformer of world problems, who wants to uplift others, and inspires by teaching their own truth.”

With that new knowledge under your belt, once you answer those questions to yourself and consider their benefits and consequences, you can go forth and take action with the angel number 1 as your guide.

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