Seeing Angel Number 5? It May Be Time to Embrace Change

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Change is normal, but there’s no doubt that it can be scary, too. Whether you’re moving across the country, headed back to your hometown, anticipating a layoff, considering a new career path, or are simply on the verge of a fresh start in some capacity, it’s common for the process (or the prospect of it) to be terrifying—even if something so much better awaits on the other side. At least, that’s what angel number 5 is here to remind you: change, while uncomfortable, is necessary for new things to grow.

The trick is to not let your own fear hold you back from leaning into what could be the next best experience of your life. If you need a little help, look to the universe’s cues via angel numbers, aka a sequence of numbers that may give you guidance about what’s to come as you prepare for new beginnings. Before you write it off as nonsense, consider Pythagorean philosophy that says each number holds unique energy. Number 5 is all about transformation, expansion, and the inevitability of change. Notice 5 or its repetitions like 555 everywhere? You could be on the precipice of a major transformation.

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If the number 5 constantly pops into view, avoid resistance to change. Keep reading to learn why, per the experts.

What is the meaning of angel number 5?

Logistically, the number 5 is the median number; it’s halfway between 1 and 10. When rounding, if a number is below 5, it’s rounded down; if it’s above, it’s rounded up. In that sense, the number 5 is the milestone numeral that creates the shift from the low numbers to those higher up.

When it comes to the spiritual significance of angel number 5, numerologist Joy Woodward, author of A Beginner’s Guide to Numerology, says that change, transition, and progressive thinking are at the forefront. The number 5 is also a sign of freedom, versatility, promotion, and being resourceful and adaptable, she says.

Across different esoteric practices, such as Chinese astrology, the number 5 carries a similar meaning. “In Chinese astrology, there are 5 main elements used to modify the signs: wood, fire, earth, metal, and water,” explains astrologer Danny Santos. “Number 5 can also be seen on the Wiccan pentagram as a nod to humanity. The number 5 in the tarot deck can also reflect change, loss, and even chaos.” In the same vein, angel number 5 can predict the different transitions that occur gradually throughout your life.

“The number five is a symbol for the energetic vibration of change, transformation, shift, and shake-ups."—Jacquelyn Tierney, astrologer

Astrologist, designer, and writer Jacquelyn Tierney says that the number 5 offers liberation—it’s a sign to free yourself into your deepest desires, without regard for limiting beliefs surrounding your wants and needs. “The number five is a symbol for the energetic vibration of change, transformation, shift, shake-ups, desire, travel, expansion, imagination, options and opportunity, strength, curiosity, sexuality, adventure, healing, release, risk, and remodel,” she lists.

With so many possibilities under the umbrella of angel number 5, Tierney admits that the vibration of the number can feel both invigorating and chaotic. But that’s what cements the significance of the angel number. It’s a sign to embrace every aspect of change—the good, the bad, the ugly—with the assurance that the universe has your back and will guide you through it.

“The vibration of 5 moves much quicker than the slow and steady four that came before it."—Jacquelyn Tierney, astrologer

If the number 5 keeps popping up in your life, Tierney says to take it as a sign from your angels that it’s time to expand your life. “The vibration of 5 moves much quicker than the slow and steady four that came before it,” Tierney says. “It is now time to break out of your shell and learn about what freedom feels, looks, and tastes like to/for YOU—new opportunities and changes are coming; be open to the unexpected gifts and blessings.”

What does 5 mean for love and relationships?

If you’ve got love on the brain when the number 5 keeps popping up, there’s a major shift in direction. This could be that your perception of love has changed—if you were practical in love, your boundaries could be pushed to include a more whimsical approach, or if you tend to overromanticize it, 5 could be redirecting you to be more grounded—but regardless, have grace for the inevitability of these perception shifts. “In love, 5 is a reminder to always respond in a way that is positive, optimistic, and warm, even in difficult circumstances,” says Santos.

It could also be a reminder that people change and you should be patient in accepting how others respond in love and accept that people will have shortcomings in the process from time to time. Per Santos, “One of the greatest mistakes we can make is responding in a way that is unpleasant, and lacking love, kindness, and patience. Number 5 is a reminder to play the love card even when the other person may be playing a lower frequency.”

"Number 5 is a reminder to play the love card even when the other person may be playing a lower frequency.”—Danny Santos, astrologer

In relationships, regardless of the dynamic, the number 5 instigates change, or as Santos puts it, to spice things up and introduce novelty into the relationship. “Whether this is trying new things in the bedroom, going to a new restaurant, getting to a comedy show, or designating a specific night of the week as the new date night, 5 loves breaking the routine with fun, novel experiences, and laughter,” he says.

While stability in relationships is important, the playfulness of number 5 can add more value to how a relationship operates in the midst of things changing. “Number 5’s mission is to bring relationships closer by adding more levity and lightening the mood!” says Santos.

What does 5 mean for spirituality?

As material as the number 5 is, Santos says that it can also discern the need for transformation in terms of spirituality. “Number 5 reminds us to focus on the positive aspects of life, to go with the flow, and learn to accept the constant nature that life is everchanging, and so are we,” he says. This can determine a lot of life changes that totally turn your life upside down and you’re learning that some things need to be released. If that’s the case, it’s time to seek the answer and strength within yourself.

Plus, “Number 5 encourages us to change and break negative energetic habits or karma,” adds Santos. “As this number understands that we are only human, it is positively cheering us on and wants for us to succeed in our personal development and self-actualization!” You might want to revisit old journal entries or old vision boards to give yourself insight into how much you’ve changed spiritually and appreciate how those transformations have earned you the life you’re living now.

What does 5 mean for money and career?

When it comes to money, Santos says it may predict big change (no pun intended), and using its energy can be a powerful tool for maximizing profits in your life. Finding a nickel, for example, may be a sign of abundance coming your way, “and that there’s a positive energetic flow coming to you financially,” Santos adds. With drastic change being the main theme of this number, Santos explains that it’s all about preserving your money. “Number 5 is a reminder not to gamble your money away, but instead to find new and novel ways to handle your money,” explains Santos.

It could also discern a moment where you should be intentional about how you spend and take into account better financial habits. “If you tend to save, it may be time to spend some money on yourself!” says Santos. On the other hand, “If you’re an avid spender, it’s time to build a budget and focus on how to be a bit more frugal.”

In terms of career, the number 5 can represent adaptability, freedom, and dynamic shifts, says Santos, “which are essential for professional growth and success. Embracing the energy of 5 encourages you to take bold steps, explore new opportunities, and remain flexible in the face of challenges.” You might be put to the test through an intense change or project at work, or you contemplate a totally different field entirely. Angel number 5 is a time for an expansion of skillsets that will enhance your career.

What to do if you keep seeing angel number 5

Whenever you notice synchronicities, like noticing the clock at 5:55 or license plates with 555 in them, it’s always a good idea to pause and identify what you’re thinking, feeling, or enduring as you notice them. Are you feeling stifled in any arena in life? “If 5 is repeatedly showing up in someone’s life, it’s a reminder that change is the only thing constant in life,” says Santos. “If we are getting too caught up in the monotony of life, 5 is a reminder that new and novel experiences help make life meaningful.”

If you’re constantly seeing 5 and its iterations around you, identify the areas in your life that you seem to have outgrown—angel number 5 is pushing for a shift in mindset and ultimately, action! This can be scary, especially if you’re resistant to change, but 5 means business. “It’s also an important omen that if we do not change negative circumstances in our lives, the Universe will force the change upon us.”

The adjustments that need to be made can be as simple a changing your diet or routine, but Santos says it can also discern a deeper approach to generational shifts. “Number 5 is a powerful number for breaking patterns as well as moving away from old and outdated ways of being, negative energetic ties, and breaking the patterns of our own negative karma,” he says.

If you’re struggling in your relationships, for example, number 5 could be urging you to reflect on your attachment styles and work toward a more secure approach. Is your career not fulfilling you anymore? Seeing number 5 everywhere may be signaling you to shift professional paths. “Number 5 understands that we are human, we make mistakes, and we can repeat mistakes, and the frequency of 5 wants us to channel positivity in order to move past our negative karma and shortcomings,” Santos explains. Whatever change comes your way won’t be easy, but it’s moving you in a direction of alignment.

How to harness the power of angel number 5

An effective way to embrace the power of angel number 5 is to surrender to the change that arrives. It’s about finding practical means to grow, ditching falsities and surface-level interactions. If you want to step into the power of this bittersweet angel number, you must be willing to transmute energy of the finality of things and make room to grow. “The number 5 prefers for us to channel the inner trickster, dodge negative circumstances, and focus on how we can ameliorate the situation, shifting a negative vibe into something positive,” Santos explains.

Plus, the number 5 is about enjoying independence, so spending time in solitude to reflect and unwind is a great way to embrace the energy of the number. “As 5 is freedom-loving, this number asks us to move away from co-dependent behaviors and move us toward more independent activities,” adds Santos. “One can apply the energy of 5 into their life by adding more spontaneity, novelty, and seeking out new experiences.” This can be as materialistic as trying a new restaurant or as deep as observing an Ayahuasca ceremony and learning holistic ways of healing your inner self.

What motivates change is the idea of new beginnings taking the place of what’s no longer serving our deepest parts of our soul. There’s no denying that it can be intimidating—we’re talking about endings of relationships, change of environments, and the end of an era, after all! But take the light in with the dark, because what’s waiting on the other side is worth changing for. “The number 5 will reward you for broadening your horizons,” explains Santos.

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