What 5 Lesser-Known Angel Numbers Are Trying To Tell You About Your Life

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Almost like a recurring dream, a repeating sequence of numbers is virtually impossible to ignore. Perhaps you glance at your phone at 11:11 for multiple days in a row; or maybe you notice numerals like 222 or 4321 popping up in cell phone numbers, or receipt totals, or at prominent times. Regardless of the situation of the number itself, any repeating pattern is likely to feel distinctly not random. And according to numerology, which ascribes symbolism to numbers based on their inherent frequencies and ancient context, it may not be. In fact, the meanings of certain significant numbers, called angel numbers, may shed intel about the stage of life you’re moving through—and, contrary to popular belief, these angel numbers include lots of digits beyond the beloved 1111.

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Whether or not you believe in angels or any other type of divine being, numerologist Josh Siegel suggests viewing these angel numbers as messengers from a higher or universal power. “When you’re experiencing one of these numbers, it’s possible that there’s some sort of shift or change or awakening happening in your life,” he says. “And the number is showing up synchronistically as an indicator or foreshadower of that.”

In some cases, an angel number you’re seeing on repeat could be a version of what numerology calls your base or life-path number, says Siegel, which you can identify by adding up the individual digits of your birthday until you get a single number 1 through 9 (unless you wind up with 11, 22, or 33, which are considered master numbers).

The meanings of recurring angel numbers can serve as universal symbols for events or changes that are happening (or are about to happen) in your life.

For example (and stick with me here), my birthday is 1/20/95, so I’d start by adding 1+9+9+5 to get 24, at which point I’d add the 2+4 to get 6 for the year. Then, I’d add the numbers 2+0 to get 2 for the day. And finally, I’d add it all together: 1 for the month + 2 for the day + 6 for the year = 9. This means 9 is my life-path number, which is linked with a desire to fight for big ideals. So, if I were to keep seeing the angel number 999 or some iteration of 18 (1+8=9), it may be mirroring that life purpose or lesson encapsulated by my 9 base number, according to Siegel.

But occasionally, the meanings of recurring angel numbers aren’t so obviously tied to your base number, and can instead serve as universal symbols for events or changes that are happening (or are about to happen) in your life. Below, Siegel walks through a few of the lesser-discussed angel numbers that carry with them key symbolism—so, if you’re seeing any of these numbers floating around on repeat, you’d be wise to take note.

Here are the meanings of 5 lesser-known angel numbers, according to a numerologist:


You could have a powerful message to share with the world, if this number keeps popping up in your purview. From a numerological perspective, that’s because it includes a few different 11s within it: The second part of it is an 11; if you add up the three digits, it equals 11; and if you add 91 to 1, you get 92, which can also net out to 11, if you separate the 9 and the 2, and add those, explains Siegel.

“11 is considered a master number because it combines two 1’s, and 1 is linked to dynamic leadership,” he says. There's also an even balance to the number 11, and in tarot, the 11th card is the justice card, all of which means a 911 angel number could task you with taking a definitive stand in some arena of your life about what you consider to be right and wrong—and doing so in a way that supports the greater good.


Change is likely a-brewing if you're continually seeing this angel number. Siegel sees this number as signaling a time when you might have a change of heart, a change of mind, or some other kind of re-evaluation of your life, in terms of becoming more emotionally and creatively fulfilled. “Let’s say that you have some creative gifts that perhaps you aren’t using, and a 1212 pops up in your life. Maybe it’s telling you that it’s time to pick up that guitar or start making things or creating,” says Siegel.

That change could come through how you express your perspective. “You may find yourself being more open and honest, perhaps posting more on social media or developing a new and powerful opinion,” says Siegel. And as you adopt new things, old things could fall by the wayside, too. “Perhaps you pivot from an old career track or an old relationship, or learn to draw new boundaries,” he adds.


Despite being popularly connoted as being unlucky and representing karmic gloom and doom, 13 isn’t all so bad, says Siegel. In a similar vein to the angel number meaning of 12, the angel number 13 deals with change on the horizon, but relates to a more fundamental upheaval. After all, the 13th tarot card is the death card, so you can consider a recurrence of 1313 as a time for being reborn.

“Maybe you’re in a dead-end job, or you’re stuck in a rut or going through a period of monotony,” says Siegel. “13 can come along and ask you to consider, ‘What’s holding me back?’ and ‘What am I afraid of?’” While 1313 can be a harbinger of a challenging period, Siegel says that it’s ultimately tied to an opportunity to uncover a new life direction less riddled by fear, anxiety, or stress.


If 13 energy reflects a resistant-to-change vibe, 14 energy is just the opposite: People who have a 14 in their numerology chart (which includes your base number and several others mapped by a numerologist) tend to be restless, active, out-and-about people. And if you’re seeing 1414 on repeat, that could signal one of two things, says Siegel: Either, you may need to be more attuned to certain impulsive, over-the-top actions that aren’t serving you, or, by contrast, you’re being pushed to break free from limitations in your life, and do more of those spontaneous behaviors. Engaging in some introspection can lend insight into which side of the number’s meaning is, perhaps, most applicable in your life.


Siegel draws the influence of this particularly angelic angel number from several historical sources, including astrology and the Kabbalah, a school of thought in Jewish mysticism. In Kabbalah, there’s thought to be 72 angels connected to God’s 72 names. And in astrology, each of these angels rules over one part of the zodiac wheel (its 12 sections encompassing all 12 signs divide evenly into 72 five-degree portions, if you were curious about the math). All of that is to say that 72 is a symbolic number for connecting with a higher power or your own psychic energy, says Siegel.

Seeing 72 on repeat could also mean you’re tapping into universal patterns or a spiritual presence in your life, either by way of some sort of miraculous event (perhaps swerving out of the way just before a car crash) or even some inkling of past-life or karmic energy.

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