Keep Germs Off Your Clothing With This Antimicrobial Protective Jacket

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In this day and age, protecting yourself from germs is a must. Taking necessary precautions like washing your hands, cleaning and disinfecting your home and possessions on the regular, and wearing a mask are all great ways to protect yourself and others from spreading germs. And now, in a move that we didn't know we needed, there's also antimicrobial outerwear. If you're concerned about the germs you can't control as easily, such as the ones that transfer onto your clothing when you're out in public, Grey State Apparel created The Protective Jacket ($60) with you in mind.

This lightweight jacket looks like your typical raincoat but offers a lot more when it comes to overall protection. Made with an innovative silver technology that purportedly renders the surface antimicrobial and antibacterial, this jacket feels like a technologically savvy answer to what outerwear can be in 2021. Though, to be clear: It's not at all a stand-in for expert-given advice that advises us from touching our faces and the like.

Shop now: Grey State Apparel The Protective Jacket, $60

Photo: Grey State Apparel

Shop now: Grey State Apparel The Protective Jacket, $60

Previously, towel brands have used silver-stitching to help fend off germs that can cause acne, but this jacket is finding a new purpose for similar technology. After all, we're living in an era where Under Armour is making space suits, leggings have CBD laced into them, and pajamas are made with temperature-controlling fabrics. It's clear the clothing that we choose to swath ourselves in can improve everything from our workouts to our sleep to going about our days.

The hood, cuffs, and hem are elasticated so you don't have to constantly push them up, but what we like the most about this jacket is that it's durable and packable. You can wear it out the door or throw it in your bag and put it on before entering public spaces, like the grocery store or when you take public transportation. Plus, if you're someone who is against outside clothes being worn inside your home (particularly if said clothing comes into contact with your bed or couch), this jacket can help ease your mind...just don't forget to wash it, too.

Of course, the Protective Jacket won't prevent you from coming into contact with all germs, but it could be helpful when paired with other germ-preventive measures. So wash those hands, wear a mask, and consider this one more way that you can up your anti-germ game in 2021 if you so choose.

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