APL Just Launched the Running Shoe of the Summer, and a Podiatrist Gave It His Stamp of Approval

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The inspiration for APL's latest shoe launch came from a stack of pancakes (hey, we told you in our 2021 Trends report that sneaker tech was going to new places this year). After a long run through Tokyo, the brand's founders stopped for breakfast, took one look at the fluffy pile of carbs on the table, and thought "that would be amazing to run on." Two years and a whole lot of innovation later, the coolest shoe of summer 2021 is finally ours for the taking.

This week, APL launched the Streamline ($300), the latest collection to its line of running sneakers. The shoe is lauded as the brand's "most purpose-built sneaker," thanks to its next-level, flapjack-inspired cushioning and low resistance, the combination of which makes for both increased speed and comfort.

The shoe falls into the "rocker sneaker" category, which means that it's got an extra layer of foam in the midsole to create a U-shaped curve (instead of the flat one you'd typically find in your standard running sneak). The design helps to push your foot off of the ground and strike the pavement more easily, promoting streamlined forward movement that will help you log faster miles. In addition to its rocker style, it's also designed with lightweight, breathable fabric and carved channels in the midsole, which allows for better airflow and less drag with each step.

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Like APL's famed Techloom Pros (the shoes that I've personally been wearing for years), the Streamline is "made with a unique high-elastic 3D-stretch, four-way woven upper with a sock-like snug that provides your foot with comfort, stability, and support," says Miguel Cunha, DPM, board-certified podiatric surgeon and founder of Gotham Footcare. "The fabric also allows for ventilation to prevent the accumulation of moisture that can harbor the growth of microorganisms, such as fungus and bacteria."

Not only are the shoes technologically advanced, but the styles are straight-up cool. There's an electric neon yellow shade, two types of tie-dye, a leopard print, and a rainbow speckle, plus your standard black/white, grey, and blush. I've been staring at the website for three hours, and still can't decide which ones I want to buy. Now that gyms are open again, get ready to see these babies in locker rooms everywhere.

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