These New Slide Sandals Provide Arch Support, Cushion, and Grip—It’s No Wonder They Got the Podiatrist Seal of Approval

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APL, or Athletic Propulsion Labs, is like the Audi of athletic footwear. The LA-brand’s highly coveted, luxury sneakers marry style, comfort and performance—earning them heaps of devoted fans, from your neighborhood wellness influencer to podiatrists, athletic trainers, and W+G editors—even Kourtney Kardashian loves her APLs. So when the brand launched its TechLoom Zig Zag Slide ($150) this spring, I was fully prepared to fall head over heels…And to the surprise of absolutely no one, I did.

This is a big deal, because finding a foot-friendly sandal isn’t easy, according to podiatrists. “Many slide-on sandals aren't created to provide foot health benefits,” says podiatrist Gregory Alvarez, DPM FACFAS of Ankle & Foot Centers of America. “They don't provide arch support or cushioning, which can lead to foot pain and strain over time.” That is, until, the APL Slides came along.

APL TechLoom Zig Zag Slides in tan
APL, TechLoom Zig Zag Slides — $150.00

Sizes: 5-11

A fashion-forward twist on the brand’s TechLoom Big Logo Slides ($120), the Zig Zag Slides feature a cool, chevron design that seamlessly transitions from workout class to summertime hangs with ease. Sculpted edges give the sandals a modern, luxurious look, while the mesh zig zag strap offers comfort and flexibility. Plus, they come in 6 closet-friendly color ways that look as good with jeans and a tee, as they do with yoga pants and a sweatshirt.

Colors: 6

Not to be confused with just any athleisure slide, the APL Zig Zag Slides are backed by the same innovative technology that goes into the brand’s beloved sneakers—from the breathable TechLoom material to its signature Propelium mid and outsoles (the thing that gives APL running shoes their famously comfortable cushion and bounce). They’re even finished with a lattice grid traction pattern for added grip. And they’re incredibly lightweight, without feeling flimsy or unsupportive. With specs like these, it’s no wonder why the Zig Zag Slides got the podiatrist seal of approval, too.

“The [TechLoom] material provides cushioning and arch support, which helps alleviate foot pain and strain,” says Dr. Alvarez of the APL slides. I work from my standing desk on most days, and the Zig Zag Slides have slowly become my go-to “writing sandals,” seeing me through long periods of standing without causing my feet to get sore. They’ve also become my new dog-walking sandals, my quick errands-sandals, my bop-around-the-house sandals…you get the idea. “The midsole/outsole is designed to provide excellent cushioning and rebound, offering superior comfort every time,” explains Dr. Alvarez of APL’s Propelium compound.

What’s more, the slides' molded footbed is covered in an antimicrobial mesh to enhance breathability and keep feet feeling fresh. “The mesh lining allows feet to breathe, helping to keep them cool and dry in warm weather,” says Dr. Alvarez. And as a Miami resident—where the heat and humidity are constant—I can proudly co-sign this, as clammy feet are (thankfully) not a concern with the APL Zig Zag Slides. The featherlight design makes them super easy on feet, too. “Lighter sandals add to comfort when wearing for longer periods of time, as well as diminish blister formation or skin irritation,” explains podiatrist Nelya Lobkova, DPM of Step Up Footcare, which explains why I experienced zero blisters (a rarity for any new pair of shoes/sandals) wearing them straight out of the box.

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And just like that…The APL Zig Zag Slides became my go-to spring and summer sandal—with their versatile look and super comfortable design being well worth the $150 price tag. Feel the difference for yourself and snag a pair on the APL site, here.


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