This Is How to Use Your Apple Watch to Hack Your Treadmill Session

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Even if your wrist is adorned with the latest Apple Watch, oftentimes the equipment you use at the gym—yep, even the fancy-looking machines!—is outfitted with super-outdated tracking technology. This can leave you with conflicting data between your watch and the monitor in front of you. But, not to worry: The latest Apple innovation aims to change the syncing game when it comes to your indoor workouts.

GymKit enables you to pair your Apple Watch with your go-to cardio machine (elliptical, treadmill, indoor bike, you name it) with just a quick tap, so you can stay as accurate as possible, whether you're at the gym or busting a sweat on your machine at home.

Apple is releasing GymKit, which syncs your Apple Watch with your go-to cardio machine (elliptical, treadmill, indoor bike, you name it) with just a quick tap.

Using Bluetooth and an NFC sensor on the equipment, you'll get crazy-accurate health data in real time, delivered straight to your wrist. Instead of trusting the estimated stat the machine provides regarding calories burned and your heart rate, the GymKit technology works together to make your fitness sesh smarter than ever before, showing you the most accurate measurements possible.

Some popular gym chains are in the process of implementing the GymKit tech: It's already in place at Life Time Athletic at Sky in New York City, the company's 14 new clubs coming in 2018 will also be equipped, and the current locations will be updated. You'll also be able to find the technology at Equinox soon: The luxury gym chain is rolling out the GymKits throughout 2018, and the upcoming Orchard Street location in Manhattan will be the first Equinox club to open with the technology already in place.

When it comes to other gyms, Apple noted that 80 percent of the world's cardio equipment manufacturers are down to incorporate GymKit into forthcoming products. But in the meantime, you still have a whole lot of power on your wrist that'll keep you in the know about your stats.

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