Apple Has a Secret Gym Where It’s Redesigning the Workout Experience

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Tracking steps and heart rate is child's play when it comes to the athletic data being collected in Apple's secret gym. Yep, you read that right: According to Technology Review, the tech giant has a fitness lab at an undisclosed location in California and has now collected more biometric data than any other company out there. Why? To make your workouts as effective as possible—using tech to help you do it.

The tech giant has now collected more biometric data than any other company out there.

This insider knowledge was mad public at a recent tech event hosted by Apple, which was held to unveil the features of the latest Apple Watch models, out this fall. The biggest bombshell: The wearable will soon be able to pair with gym equipment—wirelessly, of course. (Not having to manually enter those 10 miles you logged during spin will be pretty sweet.)

And soon, your watch may also be giving you tips on how to optimize your gym time. Technology Review reports that Apple's fitness lab is outfitted with high-tech (duh) machines that track how much oxygen is used during different fitness workouts. So it's possible that in the not-so distant future, your wearable will offer up tips on how to, well, breathe better. (Breathing may sound like it doesn't require any thought, but anyone who has experienced runners' cramps knows that's not always the case.)

Hey Apple, next can you think of a way to get the full-body benefits of burpees without actually having to do them? (Asking for a friend.)

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