4 Reasons Why It Really Is Worth Upgrading to the Apple Watch Series 7

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Around September every year, kids ache with excitement at the prospect of new notebooks and pens. Then, a backpack filled with new stuff, they head off to school, an apple in tow for the teacher. We adults just skip to the Apple bit. Every fall, new watches, phones, and computers launch and we eagerly await their arrival to see how far they push us into the future. This year, the Series 7 Apple Watch does so in leaps and bounds. Here's how.

1. The screen is bigger and brighter

Like a dad watching football, imagining how much more thrilling every play could be if his set were only a few inches wider, I find myself thriving with a larger screen. In addition to making the Watch faces look a bit more polished, it really is so much easier to look down at metrics connected to the Activity app or Nike Run Club (NRC) and be able to toggle places that I need to go.

Importantly, Apple now also offers an update to the way that you can access apps. While the honeycomb design has been a part of Apple Watch since its initial launch, now, you can access apps in a list, which IMO, makes me that much more likely to use a function.

Lastly, when the watch is down, it's now 70 percent brighter, which means that you can glance at your wrist without lifting your arm to see the time or weather, or change the music more easily. It's a super small detail, but I've found myself utilizing it often while I've been testing the Watch.

2. The Watch is also more durable and dust-proof

I do a lot of running, which means that dust and water are two elements that I often come up against. While Watch models have been water-resistant since the series 3 (they're safe to take in a post-wokout shower or a swim), the new model is dust resistant, too. This is important, because for those of you who have seen the effects of dust on electronics (cough cough: those from the Texas Panhandle, like myself), you can bet on longevity for this device. Additionally, improvements to the Series 7 screen make it the most crack-resistant model yet. The front crystal is a whopping 50 percent thicker and the integration with the side pieces of the watch make it super solid and sturdy.

3. It charges in a flash

Because so much of my focus with the Apple Watch is to measure and track activity throughout the day, I don't often take advantage of the Sleep features on the watch, which have steadily grown into a solid offering. However, the Series 7 Apple Watch charges 33 percent quicker, so if you drop it on your charger before you go to bed for eight minutes, it'll hold enough charge to make it through the night.

4. The health and fitness features are unrivaled

It's worth stating again that if you're in the market for an activity-based watch, so many of the new features on the Series 7 are stellar and worth the buy-in. This new Watch adds big features for those who like to Cycle outside. The Apple Watch can now automatically detect if you're biking outdoors and start your workout for you in the same way that it can when you run. It also has fall detection, so if you're hurt, it can help you to call emergency services on the road. You'll also continue to find all of the other rings-related goodness on your wrist as well—with competitions, challenges, and streaks that keep you moving.

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